Hodler's Digest, June 4 to 10: abundant adoption of Bitcoin despite its 300th 'funeral'

Hodler's Digest, June 4 to 10: abundant adoption of Bitcoin despite its 300th 'funeral'

Main stories of this week The co-founder of Apple is very optimistic with Bitcoin as the only “pure” cryptocurrency Steve Wozniak He said This week he sees “just Bitcoin [as] pure digital gold”, echoing previous comments from Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey about Bitcoin becoming the “only” currency of the Internet and the world. According to Wozniak, all the other cryptocurrencies renounce some aspects of Bitcoin that make Bitcoin a unique asset class. SEC President Jay Clayton believes that Bitcoin is not a value After months of uncertainty from the SEC over cryptocurrency and the ICO regulation, SEC chairman Jay Clayton He said during an interview with CNBC that Bitcoin is not a value because it acts as a sovereign currency capable of replacing the dollar, euro, yen, etc. , Clayton hinted strongly that digital assets and their offers will be regulated as securities trading. Coinbase will become an agent regulated by the SEC after the last acquisition The main US securities and wallet market, Coinbase, started the process to become a brokerage agent regulated by the SEC by acquiring the securities agent Keystone Capital Corp., in addition to Venovate Marketplace, Inc. and Digital Wealth LLC. If approved, these acquisitions will allow Coinbase to expand to other non-cryptographic financial products, as well as offering blockchain-based values. John McAfee announces 2020 bid to be crypto-friendly president John McAfee – who last week tweeted about the creation of his own cryptocurrency trust currency – was will postulate for president in the US elections of 2020 with the Libertarian Party or a new party of its creation. McAfee tweeted this week that its mandate “will provide the best platform” for the crypto community. The fifth largest cryptocurrency EOS begins the release of Mainnet The EOS blockchain started its launch on June 9 after the majority of “Block Producer” candidates voted “YES” to launch the mainnet. The release is still in progress at the time of publication. Most memorable appointments “Only Bitcoin is pure digital gold … and I totally agree with that, everyone else is going to give up some aspects of Bitcoin.” -Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder. “We believe that this technology and this asset class will change some aspects of financial services, and we believe that it will exist forever” -Bart Smith, the head of the digital asset group at Susquehanna, in cryptocurrencies Laws and Taxes SEC creates a leading advisory position for crypt regulation The SEC has created a new position of senior advisor for the supervision of securities regulation in the cryptocurrency sector, which was held by the former head of the SEC’s distributed accounting group. Valerie A. Szczepanik, the new hire, recently said that protecting investors is the best way to make crypto-industry “flourish.” Russian court rejects previous ban of court of a cryptographic media site The Russians now will be able access the cryptographic media website Bitcoininfo.ru, as a court in St. Petersburg has revoked the July 2016 decision that prohibited access to the site due to its information related to cryptocurrencies. The former president of the SEC to defend against the wave in the lawsuit alleges that XRP is not registered Ripple Labs has appointed a former SEC chairman to represent them in a class action lawsuit alleging that sales of Ripple tokens are sales of unregistered securities. The defendant claims that he lost a little over $ 551 by changing XRP, and accuses the company of personally benefiting from XRP price increases. Ripple argues that, in his opinion, XRP is not a value. The governor of Connecticut legalizes the bill of the Blockchain working group The governor of Connecticut, Dannel Malloy, signed A bill this week that established a blockchain working group that will create a plan to encourage the “expansion of the blockchain industry in the state.” By the end of the year, the group Present a study and recommendations on how to expand blockchain in commerce, banking, finance and other industries to the General Assembly. The Government of South Korea approves cryptobolsa Bithumb because of the wrong After initiating an investigation into alleged illegal activities in the Bithumb cryptocurrency bag, the South Korean government has authorized the released of any accusation of irregularities. Although no evidence of tax evasion or suspicious practices was found, Bithumb was ordered to pay around $ 28 million in taxes. Adoption Cryptobolsa, Coinbase wallet will enter the Japanese markets The main US market for crypts, Coinbase, soon will enter to Japanese markets when applying for a license to Japan’s financial regulator in the year. It is reported that Coinbase is working with Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) on its way to enter Japan, since MUFG has been responsible for more than 1 billion yen in Coinbase since 2014. Argentine NGOs announce the minivan tour for cryptoconcienciaci√≥n Bitcoin Argentina and American Bitcoin they will tour by Argentina and Latin America in a minivan, as part of an awareness tour on cryptocurrencies, including for rural villages, which they called “Bitcoineta” (a combination of Bitcoin and the Spanish word for minivans). Indonesia: crypto, now value-market commodity, company launches Cripto POS units This week, the Futures Exchange Supervision Board of the Indonesian Ministry of Commerce has converted the crypts in a commodity that can be legally traded on a stock exchange, while the Indonesian blockchain start-up Pundi X also started at install your crypto POS devices in the country. Both Indonesian adoption movements come while the cryptocurrency is not recognized as a legal payment option in Indonesia. Criptoplataforma Circle seeks banking license, registration of SEC merchant headquarters Circle is looking get a federal banking license from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and a record of the brokerage and merchant headquarters of the SEC as a way to expand cryptoservices to the public. The CEO of Circle says the company would be a “great guinea pig” to show the traditional financial sector how to deal with cryptocurrencies. Global firm Susquehanna opens Bitcoin futures trading Susquehanna International Group, an international trade and technology firm, begin to To quote on Bitcoin futures, and allow customers to buy and sell BTC, ETH and BCH. The company has also created its own systems for the storage of cryptocurrencies, with private keys stored off-site to make them more secure against attacks. Fusions and acquisitions DHL is associated with Blockchain global financial trading platform TradeIX During this week’s Money 20/20 conference, the DHL delivery system provider ad a partnership with TradeIX with the objective of using the TIX platform to “create more efficient networks” through digitalisation and include more financing and risk mitigation options in the DHL product. LexisNexis is associated with Blockbid cryptobolse to improve safety The risk management firm LexisNexis and Blockbid they will collaborate using the blockchain technology to increase the security measures of cryptobolsa. The new technology now available for Blockbid will combine identity data, addresses and biometric data, with device identification, geolocation, behavior analysis and threat intelligence. Allianz, Deutsche Bank join the exchange of vehicles to finance vehicles Blockchain The German insurance group Allianz, Deutsche Bank and Auto1 based in Berlin have been United to offer automotive financing using blockchain technology with its new company “Auto1 Fintech”. The jointly owned company will offer insurance products and refinancing loans for car dealerships that buy Auto 1 vehicles that will then be registered in the blockchain. Winners and losers The crypto markets still do not register big gains with the week, with Bitcoin below $ 7,500, ETH dancing below $ 600 and a total market limit of around $ 320 billion. The three main alternative currencies with gains of the week: Tether (-0.32%) MonaCoin (-2.24%) Kin (-3.05%) The three main alternative currencies with losses of the week: Skycoin (-16.26%) Loom Network (-14.92%) DigixDAO (-14.01%) For more information on cryptocurrency prices, be sure to read the market analysis of Cointelegraph. FUD of the week Bitcoin thought “dead” 300 times, this time for energy consumption The obituary list 99Bitcoin has aggregate its entry number 300 this week, since an article by Forbes declared the cryptocurrency “dead” due to the large amount of electricity it requires for mining. Cointelegraph would like to point out that an entity that currently and actively requires high amounts of energy may not fit the definition of something that is no longer alive. Better to own food than Bitcoin, says Coverage Fund executive The Coverage Fund executive, Jim Chanos -who predicted the fall of Enron- He said this week that Bitcoin was “disguised as a technological advance” and that if a global crisis were to affect, it would be more useful to have food (or fiat money). First, Japan’s financial regulator denies a cryptobag license The Japan Financial Services Agency (FSA) has rejected the license of the FSHO cryptocurrency exchange, whose activities had already been suspended twice by the regulator. The FSA notes that the reason for the denial of the license is that FSHO does not have “the necessary systems to operate its business”. Parity discovers an error in TestNet and urges the Ethereum software update Parity Technologies has found a testnet vulnerability that could be extended to the Ethereum network, describing the security problem as a consensus problem that could cause the transactions of Parity users to deviate from the Ethereum network. Parity asks users to avoid any problem by updating to a new version of the software that will prevent the error from spreading. Criptominero malware found in more than 40 000 machines The GuardiCore security team has found a campaign of crypto-mining and manipulation of malicious traffic called Operation Prowli in computers of the financial, educational and governmental industries. The attacks, which aimed to make money instead of espionage, used exploits and passwords to force control of the devices. $ 1.1 billion in cryptocurrencies stolen this year, according to a report A report from the cyber security company Carbon Black discovered that around $ 1.1 billion in cryptocurrencies have been stolen so far this year, citing the use of the dark web by criminals to facilitate theft. According to the report, there are 12,000 markets and 34,000 offers associated with the crypto theft on the dark web, with a malware market of approximately $ 6.7 million. Prediction of the week Bitcoin will reach $ 12,000 – not $ 15,000 – By the end of 2018 The Trefis stock analysis firm low its previous estimate of Bitcoin’s year-end price by almost 17 percent, citing a lower forecast for transaction volumes. Best Features When the crypts encounter conceptual art, things get weird Learn more about the path of Irish conceptual artist and photographer Kevin Abosch to become a currency himself, which involved the creation of 10 million IAMA tokens and the stamping of their addresses with six bottles of their own blood on pieces of paper. A guide to Blockchain usage metrics Industry analyst Blockchain, William Mougayar, on how we need to find tokens that are “really used” to bring “sanity” to our assessments.

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