Hogit Kalan (1964) at the exhibition “Janine Rubeiz”


The opening of the first exhibition at the House of Art and Literature was opened in the gallery of Jeanine Rubeiz, Raouche, an artistic exhibition of the works of the artist Huguette Callan, in a period of time in 1964. An important period that imposes itself on its spontaneity and artistic spontaneity. 1970, returns once again to the gallery of Jeanine Rubeiz, which the artist used to look for since 1993. She is the daughter of the first Lebanese president after independence, Bishara El-Khoury, who married a Frenchman and migrated to France after her first exhibition. The United States where she is still resident. The exhibition sheds light on this transitional period as an applied and theoretical situation that formed its poetic house surrounded by gardens, eucalyptus trees and fruit trees in the Kaslik on the banks of the sea. A reference stage and focal points in the path of the Lebanese artist. A stage that preceded the decorative diversification and more free association, carried out in the 1980s and the distinctive presence of sculptures, is no less powerful than painting. Clay models were performed by the artist during the period when she met the exiled Roman sculptor George Abosto in Paris in 1983, and increased her artistic knowledge on his hands. In this way, Kalan drew on the path between painting and extreme abstraction sometimes, between the embodiment of the representation and the clear marketing of characters and objects, and the dismantling of the body and its re-installation, in a manner that is not without amusement, wit, dream, love, rebellion, surrealistic play and decorative and phantasy and spontaneous spontaneity, An academic requirement in the balance of sizes or blocks. And it is derived from the freedom or daring that began its journey, when it presented in its beginnings erotic works and female representation … Before isolating itself in a specific artistic direction, its artistic prowess was wide, even at the level of techniques, Filed in Doanh, in 1978, a group of fashion that the convergence of the spirit of the East to «Dar Pierre Gardanne» designs, and worked with materials on paper, and introduced the line and some of the poetic text to her painting. The work of the year 1964 is central to her experience between Paris and Los Angeles before she exhibited in various exhibitions, completed her American and European residency, her international reputation, and later in international auctions, especially with Sotheby’s and Christie’s. Affordable work is a relatively close affinity to global painting. An artistic figure, went into full freedom with a rebellion and a full-fledged personality walking in front of her with ideas, and more surprises and variousities.


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