Hogwarts Legacy – Guide, Walkthrough

Hello! In front of you Hogwarts Legacy Guide (eng. Hogwarts Legacy), i.e. the tail of the game in the Harry Potter universe, but in times before the tail of the characters known from novels and movies.

In our extensive guide you will find a complete walkthrough, side quests, illustrations with collectibles and much more.

&We wish you pleasant reading and a&lstroke;magical adventure in Hogwarts Legacy!

Contents of the guide – jump to the section:

Tips and gameplay

Tips related to the beginning of the adventure and the basics of exploration. helpą you discoveredć all the mysteries of the magic school and open world.

  • Hogwarts Legacy – all spells, spells: how to getć
  • Hogwarts Legacy – health, healing: how are you doing? healsć
  • Hogwarts Legacy – changing the appearance of the character’s tail
  • Hogwarts Legacy – wandż: is the model, wood and rustń Mayą meaning
  • Hogwarts Legacy – Castles Lv. 1, 2 and 3: how to openć, Alohomora
  • Hogwarts Legacy – flying mount, Hippogriff: how to getć
  • Hogwarts Legacy – litter&lstrok: unlock, fly, upgrade
  • Hogwarts Legacy – Dark Arts, Avada Kedavra & More: The Unforgivable Spells
  • Hogwarts Legacy – arena of dark magic battles
  • Hogwarts Legacy – how to increaseć inventory: more space for items
  • Hogwarts Legacy – Talents, Skill Points
  • Hogwarts Legacy – how to checkć current task
  • Hogwarts Legacy – jak zdobyć mandrakeę
  • Hogwarts Legacy – item upgrades, Attributes and Enchanted Loom
  • Hogwarts Legacy – a magical compass, showing the way

ŚGame world

ŚThe world of the game is full of&lstro;objects that needźć way, usingąamong other things, various spells. The task is often not &lstro;so our guide comes to your aidą.

Main missions – walkthrough

In this section you will find a complete walkthrough of the game, including all quests. feature. The puzzles in the main missions can beą difficult, and the game often does not lead by the hand.

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Assignments from professors

Youłącome to magic school in an unusual way, because it’s only in the 5th year. To help you catch upć backlogłośs, professors orderą you special challenges to complete. Only after their implementation can you e.g. teachć new spells&egogon;ć.

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Side quests

On the map you will find a lot of people who needą your help – and this applies not only to school, but also toż vast area beyond it. Below you can find all such missions.

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With a few students you can make friendsć się a little more, they experience various exciting adventures with them. Such missions are calledą się relationship tasks, and in this section you will find their description.

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Collectibles and secrets

In this section, we’ve included all the information about collectibles and secrets. On individual pages,śwe’ve indicated the exact&lstro;s&l&g;decoration of all the items that are worth collectingć.

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Questions & Answers

Być canżeą more issues thatśwe could help you with. Below you will find questions that may will appearć się before the gameą, as well as quick answers that will clearą inądoubtści.

Interface and tips

The interface of the game is not too complicated and resembles other action RPGs. However, weśledźthe icons that you usually seeć on the screen.

  1. The śtarget of the tracked task. Hold down thełkę upę on the controller to seeć nameę tasks and more information
  2. Minimap and interesting places in the area
  3. No flight icon. A tail appears when you can’t summonć litterły and mount
  4. Selected boosters and their number in inventory
  5. Ancient Magic Indicator. You must haveć filled with at least one strip to be able to useć special attack
  6. Life bar and number of healing potions in your inventory
  7. Revelio and spell menu management – arrows left and right on the controller respectively. These are only hints for controls, but są always visible on the screen.
  8. Handy spells menu
  9. śtarget indicator of the śtracked task

The best tips and tricks

– Revelio is one of the most useful spellsęć in the game. Use it often to discoverć secrets aroundł.

– Revelio is also worthż will improveć in the Talents menu to cover&lstro;a&g;longer area.

– Always have a tail under your arm żyżpurple and red spells tożć them to break opponents’ shields. Occursą theyłaśnot in these colors.

– hold backę from using fast travel in the first dozen or so hours of the game. Thanks to this, you will discover a lot of interesting places and objects.

– You don’t likeę whatś item of clothing but has good stats? Use the Changeń lookąd to assignć give him the appearance of the tail of another object or “picture the tail;ć him” from the character.

– You can sellć items that haveą lower co&lstr;factors of defense or offense thanż the ones you own. Their appearance will be preserved in the catalog and you will be mył on himłąć for helpą Changeń appearance.

– You don’t need to assignć Wingardium Leviosa for the quick menu – all you need is żgone and you’ll haveł under the arm&etail; Accio. When you pull the tail;with its help&a tail; object close enough, the Accio automatically turns into a tail; at Wingardium Leviosa.

– Purchasing additional enchantment setsć in the Talent menu allows you to haveć more&egon;more thanż 4 spells under the arm of the tail.

– Sneaking is definitely łan easier way to deal with enemies thanż fight.

– After picking a herb planted in a pot&lstrom;you don’t have to plant itć once again – it will becomeę it’s automatic.

– Demimosa itemsącan be collectedć only at night.

– In Cap-bagę you can łapać only magical animals, not common ones like cats.

– You see a pileę kości? You can probably &&lstro;ożyć bridge or unlockć whatś door, using Accio/Wingardium Leviosa.

– Always hold and don’t press the defense button when performing a Protego. This will cast the “free” Drętwoty spell.

– Not all puzzles areą tails available for solving tails with basic spells. Acquire new spells and return to old places to tryć afresh.

– Some spells have a tail similar operation. For example,&lstro;for example, setting fire toś item you canć both Incendio and Confringo. However, some doors can be openedć for helpą Accio or Depulso.

– To solve Merlin’s &lstrokes&lstrokes puzzles, you need mallow. You can&get herą buyć in the Magic Turnip shop or soć her seeds.

– You can&can wearć up to 25 Wiggen Potions, used for healing.

– When picking locks, turn the mechanism slowly, otherwise you won’t find where your tail is; will stopć.

– Changeą się seasons, but the seasons follową only after reaching certain plot points.

– English titleł Hogwarts Legacy in Poland has beenł translated as Hogwarts Legacy – on our pages we use&lstro; more&egon;śmore often the former, butżwe also useż interchangeably the other.