Hogwarts Legacy: Rumor: Appointment postponed again?

Hogwarts Legacy, the new role-playing game from the Harry Potter universe, doesn’t seem to be running smoothly yet. Rumors speak of another violent postponement of the release date.

The development of Hogwarts Legacy seems to be a bit bumpy. The planned role-playing game was postponed from the original release period of 2021 to 2022 a year ago, but according to the latest rumors that doesn’t seem to be the end yet.

Podcaster Colin Moriarty reports behind the scenes statements that the game will not be released this year either and that there are some problems. Unfortunately, Moriarty does not cite more specific sources or provide any evidence for these statements. Moriarty, on the other hand, is considered a fairly reliable source.

However, another postponement would not fit in with other rumors that the game will be released this year and should be presented in February as part of a new PlayStation State of Play. On the other hand, large-scale shifts are not uncommon at the moment. Just recently, for example, STALKER 2 was postponed from April to December.

We will probably only find out more when WB Games officially makes a statement on the subject – or when the game is presented in February.

Hogwarts Legacy – Announcement Trailer

Official announcement of the new Harry Potter game Hogwarts Legacy.