Holiday for the Passage to Immortality of the Gaucho Martín Miguel de Gü


On this day, we commemorate the passage to immortality of “El Héroe Gaucho” Martín Miguel de Güemes, a key figure in our independence, who died on June 17, 1821.
He was born in Salta on February 8, 1785 and throughout his military career he played a fundamental role in the civil wars and as leader of the Gaucha War, where he kept the Argentine territory free from royalist invasions. Without his resistance, it would not have been possible to defend the north of our country.

Martín Miguel de Güemes became one of the heroes of the country since he was in charge of organizing the militias to prevent the Spanish advance in Upper Peru. In addition, he was the only Argentine general who died in combat during the Argentine War of Independence.

He died on June 17, 1821, at the age of 36, after receiving a bullet during an ambush suffered by his army. Güemes was not only a key player in the process of independence in our country, but he also fought against the English invasions.


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