Holiday home vacated: 30 children with vomiting diarrhea


For many children it is the highlight of the summer holidays: two weeks of fun and games in the holiday home in Oberbildstein. But the fun ended at the weekend. Almost a third of the 100 children cared for suddenly fell ill with diarrhea and vomiting. 18 children even had to go to the hospital.

In the night from Friday to Saturday, the first children complained of nausea and vomited, according to Wilhelm Oberfrank, chairman of the holiday home association. In the end, about 30 children were affected. The management of the home alerted the rescue service, and an ambulance was also called.

Some of the children recovered very quickly, according to Oberfrank. But 18 children were admitted to hospitals, 13 of them on IV fluids. In the meantime, however, all the children are doing better again, and no more children need to be treated in the hospital.

Rotavirus infection in holiday home

A holiday home in Oberbildstein in South Tyrol has had to contend with a rotavirus outbreak. Many children are ill and the home had to close. It’s now open again.

Suspicion of norovirus not confirmed

The reason for the many sick children may have been a rotavirus outbreak, according to the state health department. Initially there was a suspicion of norovirus, but this was not substantiated – even if the laboratory results are still pending. Food poisoning can also be ruled out, according to Bernhard, and the hygiene in the holiday home is excellent.

Ferienheim Oberbildstein

Generations of Vorarlberg children spend part of their summer holidays in the home in Oberbildstein. Every 100 children between the ages of six and 13 stay for two weeks.

Home cleared and disinfected to be on the safe side

As a precautionary measure, the home was ordered to be closed – incidentally for the first time in the history of the holiday home. The evacuation was a challenge for the care team: they had to be organized quickly so that almost 100 children could be picked up. But everything worked well, according to club chairman Oberfrank, which also applies to the cooperation with the authorities.

The holiday home was then cleaned and disinfected over the weekend and is now open again. Most of the children returned on Tuesday to continue enjoying their time at the holiday home. The rotation starting next week can also take place as planned.