Holiday Intentions, Caucasians in Bali Instead Robbed and Beaten

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A happy holiday turns into horror when Australian Caucasians experience a robbery incident in Bali. Not only that, he was also badly beaten.

The man from Perth, Australia was allegedly beaten brutally at the tourist spot of Kuta. He suffered serious injuries after being involved in an alleged mugging earlier this week.

Quoted from (23/1/2023) Lachie’s friend, Jarrad Visser, said that currently his party is raising funds to pay for hospital treatment costs which continue to increase.



“He can’t remember much,” Jarrad said.

“I’m in touch with Mel’s mom, she’s there taking good care of him,” he added.

Meanwhile, Lachie is currently recovering at BIMC Kuta Hospital. Lachie suffered a broken leg, bleeding on the brain, and a suspected broken spine.

“He was devastated,” Jarrad said.

Moreover, the cost of hospital treatment is very expensive. Lachie even asked if Jarrad could help out more as it would be so helpful and meaningful to his family.

So far, the funds raised through the GoFundMe platform are USD 21,868. Of these, the highest donor donated USD 1,000. Apart from giving financial assistance, many people also prayed for Lachie’s recovery.

Lachie himself is a big fan of Bali. He has come to Bali several times in recent times.

He even hopes to one day settle down in Bali. He conveyed this in his post on Instagram last October.

“One day, I will call this place home,” he wrote while walking around Kuta.

Not to forget, he also had time to show off his holiday activities in Bali. For example, when he enjoys the sun while in the pool of a luxury resort. Or when he sips a cocktail in Seminyak.

“Missing this place already,” he wrote.

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