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Holidays during the pandemic – when will you get your money back?

by archyw

For many it was to be the long-awaited summer vacation they had been waiting for so long. After many people had to forego their annual vacation last year, many had travel plans for 2021. But this year too, the corona pandemic can quickly put a stop to travel plans.

When is travel cancellation insurance used?

Many see themselves on the safe side with travel cancellation insurance. However, travel cancellation insurance only takes effect if you cannot travel for a personal reason, for example if you are seriously ill. This would be the case with Covid 19, unless the insurance explicitly excludes the pandemic. However, if the traveling person only has worries and fears of being infected, this is not a reason for travel cancellation insurance to take effect. Depending on the contract, the travel cancellation insurance does not apply if there is now an entry ban in the destination country.

In the pandemic situation, many insurers have adjusted their benefits and in some cases pandemic-related reasons are also insured. Here it is worthwhile to take a close look at the insurance policies.

When do you get your money back from the tour operator?

If inachtungen Germany tourist overnight stays are prohibited due to an excessively high incidence and the hotel is no longer allowed to offer the overnight stay, the guest does not have to pay because the hotel operator cannot offer him any services.

Package tours can always be canceled, but in many cases travelers have to pay a high cancellation fee. According to Section 651h (3) of the German Civil Code, the organizer cannot charge a cancellation fee if exceptional circumstances arise that significantly impair the implementation of the package tour. A travel warning from the Foreign Office is a strong indicator of such a case. There are not yet many judgments as to when this is the case with the current corona situation. The Rostock regional court ruled in one case (LG Rostock – Az .: 1 O 211/20) of a cruise trip that the corona pandemic and the associated risks and circumstances are exceptional and that the tour operator has to repay the money . The couple had booked a cruise in the East Asian region for February 2020.

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However, there is no obligation to pay compensation for loss of enjoyment of the trip if the organizer cancels the trip due to the corona pandemic, as the Rostock District Court decided (AG Rostock – Az .: 47 C 59/20).

Even if the tour operator has to cancel the trip himself, he has to pay the customer back the money.

Customers don’t have to be satisfied with a voucher if they are entitled to get their money back.


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