The prosecution of Los Angeles is against
          Sylvester Stallone (72, "Rocky") is not charged with sexual abuse. This is reported by the US portal "Deadline". The allegations against the Hollywood star go back nearly 30 years. The investigators explained that the evidence was "inadequate" and that the case was time-barred.
The case is originally from the police in Santa Monica. A woman is alleged to have declared there in November 2017 that she intends to testify about alleged sexual assaults that occurred in 1987 and 1990.
"Victims and suspects had a friendly relationship in 1987," it was now loud "deadline" from the prosecutor's office. However, none of the witnesses confirmed the allegations of the alleged victim. Further investigations apparently did not provide any evidence either. When the allegations came up, Stallone's lawyer had
          Marty Singer told "Deadline", the actor "denies the allegation categorically".


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