Hollywood star Ewan McGregor loves his VW Beetle from Wolfsburg

Who could the new Volkswagen Icon ID. buzz represent more convincingly than a world-famous Bulli fan? The Scottish Actor Ewan McGregorknown from blockbusters like “Star Wars” and outstanding films like „Trainspotting“ or “Moulin Rouge” is Volkswagen’s new brand ambassador. The Hollywood actor has always been a big Volkswagen fan. Already as a teenager he worked as a dishwasher in order to be able to buy his first Beetle. Ewan McGregor is a true car enthusiast with a wonderful Classic car collection. During a visit to Wolfsburg and Hanover, he also had the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes at ID. Buzz production. In an interview of Volkswagen communication he talks about what really drives him and why e-mobility is the future. Because McGregor’s timeframe for the visit was tight, VW said there was no opportunity to invite other journalists.

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Mr. McGregor, you had the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes at the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg and at the production of the ID. Throwing Buzz in Hanover. What impressed you the most?

That was a very special day for me. I’ve been a big Volkswagen fan ever since I bought my first Volkswagen when I was 16 and then had to wait until I was finally allowed to drive it. Since then I’ve also been a Volkswagen collector. Visiting the factory where my beautiful 1954 Beetle rolled off the assembly line and seeing all these impressive factory buildings in Wolfsburg was really awesome. It was also exciting in Hanover – where all the buses and commercial vehicles are built. There I was able to see the actual production line and see how the ID. Follow Buzz – from the bare metal frame on… I also spoke to some Volkswagen employees at the factory and it was exciting to watch the robots at work. In short: I felt like a kid in a candy store!

You discovered your love for the Volkswagen brand very early on. As a teenager, you reportedly worked in a hotel kitchen to save up for your first Beetle. Is that correct?

Yes, by the time I was 14 I was already washing dishes at the weekends at the Murraypark Hotel in Crieff. In two years I was able to save £500. Then my father and I went through the newspapers and I finally found my first car. I can’t remember if we were looking for a Beetle or if it was the only car I could afford. But it changed my life. When you get your first car and are allowed to sit behind the wheel, the feeling of independence is just great. I really loved my beetle. And years later I tried to find him again. Because unfortunately I had to sell it to finance my education at drama school.

Even if you had to sell your Beetle, it was certainly a good investment in your future career…

However! But after a while I wanted my beloved car back. I looked for my Beetle, but unfortunately couldn’t find it again because it was last registered in the early 1990s. Too bad, but he just disappeared.

Today you are a passionate collector of classic cars and own an exquisite car collection. Some of them are Volkswagen – how many exactly?

I own three Beetles and a T1 pickup in Los Angeles and have bought another VW Transporter in England. It’s left hand drive and I’m having a friend restore it to the original paint.

And your blue 1954 Volkswagen Beetle is even electric! Tell us why you converted it?

I’ve driven a few e-cars and liked the driving experience – you can feel the enormous power immediately when you step on the gas. That really fascinated me on the long trips with my boyfriend on our electric motorbikes. And then I heard about a company called EV West in San Diego that is converting historic cars to electric. My favorite car is my 1954 Beetle with the oval rear window. I just thought that I would drive it more often if it went electric. And that’s how it is – I’m always on the road with it in Los Angeles. The Beetle is my absolute favorite car! And now I can even hear my passengers when they are talking. It used to be really loud in the interior with the old drive. And, of course, e-mobility is the future. It suits my lifestyle very well – I also installed a solar system in my new house.

You have five children – do you worry when you think about the pollution on our planet? And – how sustainable is your personal lifestyle?

Unfortunately, pollution is a big problem on our beautiful planet, and of course I worry about the future of my children and the future of their children. Honestly, you just want to do the best you can to protect the climate. I’m not an activist, but I always keep my eyes and ears open and try to find out what options there are to better protect our planet from environmental problems. I do what I can, so I have solar panels in my house and store the energy in batteries. I simply leave larger electrical appliances, such as the washing machine, on during the day because the energy is then supplied directly by the sun. I also charge my electric car, my 1954 Beetle, during the day when there is more sunlight on the solar panels. I have a well in my house and pump the water with solar energy. I then water my property with it. The whole thing is an excellent zero-emissions system that I have implemented with great passion.

When did your love story with Volkswagen actually start?

That started as a child. My parents drove a Beetle in the 1970s. And we always did these long holiday trips – from Scotland to France to Brittany. Every year we went camping to a town called Carnac. My parents took us to the Beetle in the evenings in our pajamas and we drove overnight so we could sleep. Then we took the ferry and went to our holiday destination. I guess that’s when my real love for this car started. Later, when I moved to California, I acquired my first Volkswagen van, a first T2 with a split windshield. And since then I’ve also found Volkswagen buses cool.

In Hanover you could already get your ID. Configure buzz. what does he look like

I can tell you that I chose orange as the color. In general, I think that the ID. Buzz is a practical and safe car, but also a lot of fun – that doesn’t happen very often with new cars. The ID Buzz really has character, which is unusual for a new car. And: The ID. Buzz puts a smile on my face. It radiates joie de vivre – it looks just as good on the inside as it does on the outside. I think it’s a “happy” vehicle.

And where is your first trip with your “happy” ID. buzz?

I think I’ll drive up the coast. i live in california Maybe I’ll drive down the Pacific Coast Highway, a beautiful road that leads to San Francisco and beyond.

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