Hollywood’s last big sacred monster Kirk Douglas is dead

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Hollywood’s last big sacred monster Kirk Douglas is dead


His dimple in his chin and his smirk were as legendary as his films: actor Kirk Douglas, icon of the golden age of Hollywood, died Wednesday at the age of 103, announced his son Michael . “(…) For the world, he was a legend, an actor in the golden age of cinema (…) but for me and my brothers, Joel and Peter, he was simply dadHe wrote on his Facebook page.

Kirk had a good life and he leaves behind films for generations to come, and the memory of a recognized philanthropist who worked for the public good and world peace“Continues the actor.

Her films, let’s talk about them. After enlisting in the Navy during the Second World War, this son of penniless Jewish immigrants landed small roles before finally finding success with a role of fierce boxer in The champion. Hollywood opens its doors to him and he continues the films, a hundred in total, the best of which have become classics: 20000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954) The Paths of Glory (1957) by Stanley Kubrick, whom he finds for Spartacus (1960) a peplum which makes it a world star. See our slide

Despite the glory, successes and three nominations in the 1950s, he never won an Oscar during his career, much to his regret. The Academy of Oscars should certainly pay tribute to him on Sunday during its grand annual ceremony.

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