Holodomor: Ukraine claims Russia’s tactics are like an echo from Stalin’s time

It was in the autumn of 1932 that the order from Soviet President Josef Stalin came; grain and farm animals were to be seized, including seeds for future sowing, and farms were to be amalgamated. As a consequence, Ukraine was thrown into a nationwide famine, and within a few months an estimated ten million people died.

The man-made famine disaster was named the Holodomor, which means “killing by starvation”, and is today referred to as a deliberate act of genocide carried out by Josef Stalin’s Soviet regime.

The disaster has led to a bitter atmosphere between Ukraine and Russia long before the war that is currently underway. Russia puts the Holodomor in the context of famine in several places in Russia and Central Asia at the same time.

An echo from Stalin’s time

Now Ukraine’s foreign minister claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin uses the same tactics as his predecessor Joseph Stalin.

– Today, on the 90th anniversary of the Holodomor in Ukraine, Russia is trying to achieve the same goal as the government did then. They are trying to wipe out Ukraine as a nation and the country’s government, Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs wrote in a press release on Saturday.

The case has been discussed, among other things, by the multilingual broadcaster Euronews.

– Stalin’s political and ideological narrative about the “big ugly West”, as well as his wish that Ukraine should not have power, is being actively reproduced today, writes the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Holodomor monument in Kyiv. Photo: Valentin Ogirenko / Reuters/NTB

Hunger has been replaced by cold and darkness

The Zelenskyj administration agrees with the Foreign Ministry’s historic link.

– Back then they crushed us with hunger as a weapon, and now the cold and darkness are their new tactics. Russia will have to pay dearly for the Holodomor, and they will be held accountable for what they are doing now, writes the member of the Zelenskyj administration Andriy Jermak on the encrypted messaging service Telegram.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says that Ukraine will continue to stand up to Russian attacks which have recently been systematically aimed at the country’s power supply and led to extensive blackouts.

– The Ukrainians have been through terrible things before, and we will not let ourselves be broken, Zelenskyj says in a video he has shared on social media.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg also draws links between the Holodomor and the ongoing war in Ukraine.

– 90 years ago, the terrible Holodomor in the Soviet Union cost millions of Ukrainian lives. Today, Russia uses hunger as a weapon in the war against Ukraine and to create division and instability in the rest of the world, Stoltenberg said.