Homburg – slap in the face from “Creed” fan: cinema cancels rampage film! | Regional

Homburg (Saarland) – After eight performances in four days, cinema operators Andreas Simon (49) and Timo Simon (21) were fed up: father and son canceled the film “Creed 3”. Reason: Young visitors rioted in the halls and corridors of the film. They threw popcorn, sauces and drinks around.

Timo was even attacked by a visitor!

“In the 30 years I’ve been doing cinema, I’ve never experienced such ruthless, disrespectful and antisocial behavior,” said Andreas Simon, who has cinemas in Homburg and Neunkirchen.

trigger for the riots in Eden Cinehouse is probably one TikTok Challenge. Because the riots are all over Germany – and only in the boxer film “Creed 3”, which is based on Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky series. In some cities there were even police operations. Simons also had to threaten the visitors with the police. Timo Simon: “A visitor suddenly gave me a slap in the face because I expelled him from the hall.”

This is how visitors left the Simons’ cinema in Neunkirchen

Photo: Private

Timo Simon: “We did check the internet and discussed it with colleagues. We did not find a direct call. Only videos of the riots. Why in the film – we have no explanation.”

Who are the rioters? Andreas Simon: “Young people, teenagers. Almost only people we have never seen here before. An example: In a room with almost 100 people, a third was reasonable. The rest were obviously just out for destruction, abuse and pollution.”

Timo Simon climbed onto the cinema canopy and took out the film poster for the Creed 3 film

Timo Simon climbed onto the cinema canopy to take down the movie poster for “Creed 3”.

Photo: Simon Mario Avenia

The Simons had to put in more than double the effort for cleaning. Andreas Simon: “We have the videos from the Security camera analyzed. At Friday’s Creed movie, people pushed and pushed like we’ve never seen before. When we opened the doors, they fell in like zombies at a flash mob.”

Cinema operator wants to take action against troublemakers

The Simons feel sorry for the regular visitors. Son Timo: “The regular audience behaves absolutely correctly. They’re the complete opposite – they even put their rubbish on our shelves. These people were also angry about the disruptors, but they reacted very well and supported us. In the future, we will ask our visitors to report troublemakers and from now on we will take consistent action against them – including reporting them to the police.”

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