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Continental Center/Reported by Chen Yourui

A wife in Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, China, was named on the Internet and revealed that her husband and brother were just normal money lenders, but were discredited by the court as a gangster. They were sentenced to 19 and 21 years in prison, and she was even “forced to become a court.” “Leader’s plaything”, and the wife also gave evidence of a close photo of herself and the court officials. Unexpectedly, shortly after the news was exposed, it was blocked by the entire network.

▲Dong Jingjing said that he was forced to become a plaything of court officials. (Picture/Retrieved from Tianya Henan Weibo)

On the 21st, wife Dong Jingjing used the account of “Yancheng Dong Mingming’s Injustice Involvement”. Her husband and brother were discredited by judges and prosecutors to become the largest underworld since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. They were sentenced to 19 and 21 years in prison respectively. “My family has always been in debt. Tired, now the family is destroyed and the house has been confiscated. My three children and I are about to be displaced and we are forced to become the playthings of the leaders of the court.”

At the same time, Dong Jingjing also posted a close photo of herself and the court official Luo Zhen and related conversation records, saying that Luo Zhen had inquired about Dong Jingjing several times in private, and also mentioned “Where are you?” “If you are not here, I am drunk again”, “I’m for you, and you don’t care about me?” I waited for words that seemed quite intimate, but I suspected that I deleted the content of my conversation.

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▲Dong Jingjing openly talked with Luo Zhen. (Picture/Retrieved from Tianya Henan Weibo)

After the news came to light, many netizens said, “Laughing to death. In this case, the court judges the case based on the evidence provided by the public security and procuratorate. The two departments have no evidence to make the sentence so long? And this kind of case will surely disturb the province. A picture wants to fish in troubled waters, high-level black powder”, “How do you tell that this chat record is a bully? The essay is here again, wait for the bullets to fly”, “Are you sure it’s not the little rich woman playing with little fresh meat?”

In this regard, the local disciplinary inspection committee and supervisory committee responsible for managing the integrity of court personnel issued an announcement saying that they attach great importance to public opinion and immediately initiate relevant investigation procedures. Currently, Luo Zhen, deputy director of the Political Department of the local court, is suspended for investigation.