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Monday. The Greens are demanding consumer vouchers for everyone over 250 euros to boost retail. For buns, for example. The baker thinks that, far from the market and close to the state, they have to print the money every month. I agree with her. That would finally be a solid raise. Limited in time and earmarked, like the solos.

Holger Appel

Business editor, responsible for “Technology and Engine”.

Tuesday. The retail association is dissatisfied with the Greens. He wants 500 euros. The already ingenious colleague of Hanks Sunday World calls such epidemic socialism. At least good news comes from Berlin. The BER is finished. As soon as there are no more passengers, the airport can open.

Wednesday. The auto industry is also dissatisfied, wanting a scrappage bonus. A subsidy push must go through Germany or something. At the same time, fans of buses and trains and car sharing whine that the turnaround is unsuccessful because people now prefer their own car again. This does not apply to our location, since the bus is so sexy. Destination according to the display: hospital via tax office.

Thursday. The toilet roll on the parcel shelf has disappeared, it is used in quieter places. Now face masks are hanging on the inside mirror. Lufthansa flies the first A 380 to Teruel in Spain for mothballing. They will probably never come back.

Friday. Nobody works, family at home, shops closed. Like for seven weeks. New normalcy.

Saturday. You can play golf in Bremen, not in Lower Saxony. You can play tennis in Rhineland-Palatinate, not in Hesse. Shops and hairdressers are allowed to open on Monday, the ban on contact is extended until the 10th. The baker says that she has lost track of things. Poppy seeds or sesame seeds?



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