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Monday. Shock, the baker is free. The colleague says that she wants to go to the hairdresser, to the zoo, to the museum, to the beautician, to the nursing home, to sports, to the Main, to life.

Holger Appel

Business editor, responsible for “Technology and Engine”.

Tuesday. The man in front of me at the petrol station fills 3 reserve canisters, clear case of an upswing panic. Car production drops by 97 percent. A friend says: “Maybe that was all an exaggeration.” The doctor’s answer in the circle: “If you landed safely with a parachute, do you say that it would have been possible without it?”

Wednesday. The ban on contact will be extended until June 5, but it is now allowed to open everything.

Thursday. Markus Söder makes the second wave. If the prime minister continues to brake, we go skiing in Ischgl rather than having a drink in the Hofbräuhaus. Laschet accelerates, Bouffier does something, everyone does what he wants. In any case, we should spend summer vacation in Germany, in cosmopolitan Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania or on Lake Chiemsee. If you look at the Corona status, you will see: Better Ballermann than Bavaria.

Friday. Fast exit instead of fast lane. Lufthansa CEO Spohr threatens to be freshened up. The share may be flying out of the Dax due to plunging losses. Alternative candidate: Hello Fresh, provider of ready-to-cook meals at the door.

Saturday. The baker is back and wants to bet. If she wins, I have to stop this column. If I win, she has to bake me a green consumer voucher. Except for the white collars from Opel disposed of in the eternal home office, the lottery experience is history, all the guys have to get back on, freshly combed and shaved smooth. On Monday at 7 am, she was looking forward to buying the first smart man in a suit roll. One of Boss’s hanging in the closet, I can’t let her lose.



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