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Home Sports In an official statement .. Ismaili stops Karim Bambo and excluded from the face of Zamalek

S homepage! Thursday 18 April 2019

In an official statement .. Ismaili stops Karim Bambo and excluded from the face of Zamalek

Cream Bamboo

Ismaili's board of directors has issued an official statement confirming the exclusion of Karim Babu from the team's list against Zamalek, due to the delay in renewing his contract with Darwish, where his contract ends at the end of the season.

Ismaili management's statement was as follows:

As part of the Ismaili Governing Council's keenness to clarify all matters transparently to the public and to impose greater technical stability, the club officials confirm Karim Bambo, the team's wing, whose contract ends at the end of this season, is delaying renewing his contract despite the progressions offered to him.

The club officials said that several sessions were held with the player, but he did not respond despite the club's adherence to his efforts as well as his request to undergo a professional experience outside the country with the emphasis that Ismaili has priority in the renewal of the absence of such external offers.

The officials of the Darweesh that the engineer Ibrahim Osman, head of the club did not mind in achieving his desire to professionalism provided the renewal of his contract within the team for several seasons.

The officials stressed that the recent period has seen the player's agent in his meeting with Mohamed Khalaf, Director of Marketing and Contracting Department, and Mohamed Mohsen Abu Greisha, the general coach, to receive material compensation next to the annual contract with a large financial amount, which was approved immediately before his agent requested a deadline to bring The player and sign the renewal contracts which is not happening and considered the club refused to renew.

Ismaili officials said that it was decided not to participate in the absence of the player to focus and keep him away from his level because of his thinking in the offers and give the opportunity for other players continue their contracts with the club and the same level of technical.

The team enjoys both players from the first team or the youth sector able to compensate under their technical abilities, as well as the continuation of their contracts with the team, which contributes to increase stability and calm and reflected positively on the results.

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