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Homeless couple "forced to live in dogs with dogs because landlords reject pets"

A homeless couple claims that they have been living in their car with their dogs for four months because no landlord allows them pets.

Jennifer Tysoe, 70, and Husband Nigel, 54, adopted the two dogs from their neighbors after they died before becoming homeless in January this year.

They spent six months surfing the sofa while looking for a new home, but no accommodation they found would allow their dogs.

Jennifer and Nigel Tysoe have been living in the car for four months (Photo: Northampton Chronicle & Echo / SWNS)
They say the dogs are now part of the family (Image: Northampton Chronicle & Echo / SWNS)
The couple lived and worked in Northampton and planned to spend a quiet retirement at his home (Photo: Northampton Chronicle & Echo / SWNS)

The couple says they have left with little alternative to their Peugeot 208, where they have been sleeping hard since July.

They refuse to give up Cocker Becky and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier Titan after giving their friends a lifetime promise to take care of them.

The couple, formerly Lovat Drive, Northampton, lived and worked in the city all their lives, and planned to spend a quiet retirement at their home.

But her marriage was withdrawn after Nigel was unable to work after a fall earlier this year.

Several landlords rejected them because of their adopted pets for private rental accommodation.

Titan of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier used to be their neighbor before they died (Photo: Northampton Chronicle & Echo / SWNS)
Becky, the cocker spaniel, takes a drink in the car, sharing it with Titan, Nigel and Jennifer (Photo: Northampton Chronicle & Echo / SWNS)

Since then, they have asked the Northampton Borough Council for a social home where they can live with the dogs and where Nigel can rest his legs, which every day need to be dressed by doctors.

Jennifer and Nigel say their lives would change overnight if they got a house.

The pair, who fell in love while working together in a bakery, currently lives on his state pension and savings and has £ 670 to spend a month covering fuel and food costs.

The Northampton Borough Council has offered temporary accommodation to the couple and the dogs, but they have declined because they want to live together as a family.

Jennifer said, "You do not just give them away, right? We've had them for a few years and they're family.

They say their lives would change overnight if they got a house (Image: Northampton Chronicle & Echo / SWNS)
Nigel Tysoe lost his job after a serious crash (Image: Northampton Chronicle & Echo / SWNS)

"They are everything, people like children and I like animals.

"Getting a house would mean anything, it would be like getting a pot of gold.

"The dogs would feel better, people are coming in and they are on the list, nobody wants to listen, I feel rejected.

"We do not want to be separated from the dogs and we've had enough.

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It's very hard. I have to take Nigel to the doctors every day and get gas.

"Once the car is out of service, it will be."

Provided that they submit the correct documents, the local authority said they may be entitled to social housing.

Nigel added, "I think I have bank statements for July, August when we were homeless."

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