Homeless in Espinho camping: ″ The best thing is that I can bathe every day ″

“This is a T4 with a garden”, jokes Manuel. He claims to be called “boss”, as he is known, and he couldn’t be happier. At 49, sitting on a bench outside his tent, he says he loves camping and guarantees that he gets along with his neighbors.

It is one of 11 homeless people who are already living in the municipally managed Espinho campsite. The Municipality opened its doors to them during the pandemic, installed 18 tents and brought them meals every day.

“Here they have a space to be protected. They use the changing rooms for personal hygiene, we have disinfectant. And they can talk to each other with the proper distance”, explains Anabela Lourenço, a municipal technician. The municipality has 31 homeless people signposted, not all of them accepted the challenge. For now, there are 14 subscribers and 11 installed. “Those who accepted were very satisfied with the possibility of having a place to stay, because in reality we are being asked to stay at home, but they do not have one,” says the technician. The Municipality is making the tour around the municipality, to convince more to join.


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