Homeless man confessed to brutal murder to go to jail

A street dweller confessed to brutal murder in order to go to jail and not have to starve. The 59-year-old man confessed to a murder he committed 38 years ago.

He did it because he was already tired of being cold and hungry. “I will not sleep on the streetHe told the cops.

Confessed to murder

According to Noticias Caracol, the street dweller confessed to the brutal crime he committed 38 years ago. He did it to achieve being sentenced to pay life imprisonment to stop starving and wanting.

The case was registered in London, UK and the homeless man was identified as Anthony Kemp.

Three months ago Kemp went to a police station in the capital of United Kingdom to confess the crime.

According to testimony, he said he murdered a man identified as Christopher Ainscough in December 1983 in an attempted robbery.

The brutal crime would have been committed with a marble ashtray weighing 2.5 kilos.

According to the account, the victim was a homosexual who let people he had barely known into his home. So it was a situation that Kemp took advantage of to enter to steal it. However, the reasons why he took his life when he slept on a sofa are unknown.

“I am not going to sleep on the street. I’d rather spend the last years of my life like crazy than sleep on the streetKemp said after his confession, according to the BBC.

According to the publication, the English authorities collected the evidence at the crime scene and compared his DNA with samples in a cigarette collected during the removal of the body.

For this reason, Kemp, 59, was sentenced to life in prison.

Street dweller confessed to brutal murder to go to jail and not have to starve