‘Homeopathic emergencies’ the parody on natural medicine that has conquered Twitter

Although homeopathy was officially created at the end of the 18th century, the truth is that today it has gained more strength than ever. At a time when technological advances do not stop succeeding, achieving great advances in medicine and extending the life expectancy of society, millions of people around the world prefer to trust in the healing practice of hemeopathy.

The idea of ​​this alternative medicine system is to cure people who suffer from different pathologies through a completely natural approach and leaving aside traditional or more innovative medicine techniques.

Natural remedies are in fashion

ChamilleWhite / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Taking advantage of the fact that this practice is more fashionable than ever and that the most experienced doctors continue to question this system, the British comedy duo Mitchell and Webb have swept away with a medical parody called homeopathic emergencies.

In it, the two comedians appear dressed as emergency doctors when suddenly someone very seriously appears in the hospital due to a traffic accident. Instead of immediately intervening to save him, one of them asks for a solution from the arnica montana plant to save him.

Not only that, but she orders up some wolfsbane, also known as the monkshood plant, next, along with a basket full of flower remedies. Meanwhile, the other doctor analyzes the patient’s chakras and ensures that “they are turning off”, so he decides to act by asking for aquamarine quartz crystals.

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A parody that lasts about two and a half minutes and, although it is original from a few years ago, it has not been until now that it has conquered the networks accumulating hundreds of thousands of views thanks to the Twitter user @FabBallarini who has assured that “’Emergencias Homeopathic Medicines’ is the series you didn’t know you needed”.

“Spectacular” or “I don’t know whether to laugh or cry” have been some of the most popular comments from users. Others, on the other hand, have explained their own experience with this system of medicine, assuring that homeopathic practices have worked for them to improve their medical evolution.

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