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Article date: June 1, 2023

The third season of TVB’s “Homesickness” aired a new episode this Sunday (4th). The “Mao Teer” team led by Xiang Hailan played against the “Hong Kong Latin” team led by family audience Billy Sir. Members of the “Hong Kong Latin” team come from all corners of the country, including Venezuela, Spain and the Dominican Republic. As soon as the team members appeared on the stage, they uttered the slogan of “The Homesickness War” in Spanish, “The most important thing is to have fun”, which heated up the atmosphere. Among them, Lili, a master of Latin dance, showed off her skills on the spot and invited Li Sijie to dance together. Not to be outdone, Esprit showed off her dancing skills and won applause from the audience. Xenia from Spain speaks fluent Cantonese. When she was asked how to learn Cantonese, she said: “I came to Hong Kong to study in 2008, and then I “eat (know)” my boyfriend!” The audience burst into laughter. The “Mao Teer” team led by Xiang Hailan includes Zhou Yiwei, Huang Jiawen, Zhong Roumei (Yumi) and Huang Haolun. Zhong Roumei turned into “cute and responsible”, and when answering the question “What do you think of when you talk about blood-sucking?” she said coquettishly: “Is it so difficult to explain?” Esprit pretended to be cute and said: “Please tell me one!” Zhong Feminine and instant flat mouth and shrugging are cute.

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