Honda ADV350 scooter test Autosalon TV

Above 21.5 kW, many experienced bikers could turn up their noses, but that’s more than enough for a scooter. We checked this when traveling in the city, where we felt as if the surrounding traffic didn’t even concern us. The machine is still narrow enough to stab forward comfortably. Then just stop at the traffic light, add full throttle and while the drivers are just starting, you are approaching the next one. The ADV350 has such fast acceleration that it leaves behind most bikers, who are careful not to accelerate too much or even “kick” the number one. And you will surprise most scooters, especially because they usually sit at a maximum of one hundred and twenty-one. The ADV350 is the fastest way to get around the city at any time of the day. Dot.

But after only a few kilometers on the larger city boulevards, you will begin to erode the thought of what would happen if the scooter left its usual territory and moved on. On districts, on bigger roads and maybe on the highway. And it’s no surprise that he’s doing just as well here. Sure, the D1 is not the place to go for long. Still, Honda keeps up with the traffic and doesn’t have to stay “tucked away” in the right lane behind the trucks. The label, if set correctly, covers well. In addition, he will find energy to overtake at the highway limit. Moving to a longer distance is therefore possible.

But you can enjoy the ADV350 more in the districts, which are perhaps an even better place for it than the city. Again, the low center of gravity helps, to which wide handlebars are added, bringing the necessary feeling of security and “leverage” when cornering. The scooter tilts very easily and manages to change direction in the serpentine without hesitation. That’s why you will start to enjoy yourself very quickly. All you have to watch out for are the brakes, which are of course only single-disc. But the onset is predictable and does not bite.

The chassis is also very successful. It is set more to a comfortable note, but does not sway. Rather, he manages to iron the unevenness of the Czech roads, so even after a long ride, the background will not hurt you. ADV350 pretends that dreaming should not be a problem to go into the field. But these outdoor mimicry is more due to style. It doesn’t make sense to ride in gravel anyway. We only visited a few field trips, but there was no reason why another scooter would not pass them. This is rather a foreign exchange still low consumption. In the test, the scooter said about 3.7 liters of gasoline per 100 km, which is a very good result after we bothered it with sharp starts in the city and a longer journey at high speed. Thanks to the tank with a volume of 11.7 liters, it will also offer a decent range – in our case 316 km, but during calmer travel it will be close to four hundred.