Honda Launches Super Efficient Duck Motorcycle, A Liter of Gasoline Translucent 71.4 Km


Honda launched a super-efficient motorcycle. A liter of gasoline can make a distance of more than 70 km. His name is All New Honda Wave 125i. This moped was launched in Thailand.

The All New Honda Wave 125i comes with the concept of “a leader that everyone trusts”. This motorbike carries a sporty design with a new frame.

Material design and body joining techniques are more durable, lighter, easier to control, and more agile than ever. The Honda Wave 125i has also implemented an LCD meter cluster that combines various important information.



Honda Wave 125i Photo: Doc. AP Honda Thailand

The headlights have LED lights. The taillight design is new with X-clusive LEDs. In addition, there is an additional storage box at the front, as well as a new suspension with a longer playing distance.

The storage space under the seat is claimed to be larger. With a capacity of 17 liters, the U-Box under the XL size seat can fit a full face helmet.

Honda Wave 125iHonda Wave 125i Photo: Doc. AP Honda Thailand

Honda pinned a large tank on the Honda Wave 125i. The fuel capacity it can carry reaches 5.4 liters. This is further strengthened by economical engine technology.

Honda Wave 125i carries the Honda Smart Engine 125 cc engine with the PGM-FI injection system. Honda said, fuel consumption can reach 71.4 km / liter. The engine is equipped with a Piston Oil Jet system, which helps reduce heat, reduce wear, last longer and prolong service life.

The Honda Wave 125i engine is also fitted with a hydraulic automatic chain tensioner system that delivers sustained power at all speed levels. This reduces engine noise.

In Thailand, the Honda Wave 125i is sold at a price of 54,300 baht to 56,500 baht. If converted to around Rp. 22 million to Rp. 22.9 million.

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