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Honda lifts one end of the veil from the inside of its electric city car

Triple digital screen as a dashboard

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        02-14-19 at 09:41

While waiting for the Geneva Motor Show on March 7, Honda says more about its future electric city car whose concepts had been revealed at the Frankfurt and Tokyo shows. Today, we discover the interior.

Honda EV-Concept Inside-WEB.jpg

© Honda.

Two years ago, the Japanese manufacturer Honda caused a sensation with its Urban EV and Sports EV, two 100% electric concept cars prefiguring the city cars of the brand. Presumably, it's the Urban EV that should come into production. Last month, Honda had released a photo of what will be in all probability the version "Almost definitive". It must be admitted that the original concept, more muscular, has given way to a rounded mud.

Honda EV Concept-PREZ-WEB.jpg

First preview of the Honda Urban EV planned for production. © Honda.

honda-urban-ev-concept_1-web.jpg "src =" "/><br />
The Honda Urban EV concept car presented in Frankfurt in 2017.</div>
<p>Honda continues to maintain the suspense with this time a visual of the interior of the vehicle, specifically the dashboard. There is a series of three screens (3 x 10 inches?) Of which two will surely be tactile. The set differs from the Urban EV concept (see the two visuals below) with in particular the removal of two large wheels allowing – surely – to control all these screens.</p>
<div class=Honda EV Concept-audio WEB.jpg

The slider provided on the future Urban Concept. © Honda.

Instead, a ruler embedded in the wood veneer of the most beautiful effect of the dashboard. We can think that these keys will control the audio.

Honda EV-Concept Inside-WEB.jpg

© Honda.

honda-urban-ev-concept-inside-web.jpg "src =" "/ >
<br />
The interior of the Honda Urban EV concept car presented in Frankfurt in 2017. Some changes have occurred.</div>
<p>Other change: <em>exit</em> the steering wheel design and place in the traditional hoop stuffed with orders. Finally, by looking more closely at the screen showing the vehicle in charge, we see that the Honda electric city car will be a four-door instead of two on the Urban EV concept, and that the load is made via a hatch located on the bonnet, suggesting little space to place a luggage like a Tesla.</p>
<div class=Honda EV Concept-load-WEB.jpg

© Honda.

See you at the Geneva show to finally discover this city 100% electric.


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