Just days after announcing the start of road testing of its autonomous vehicle technologies in Europe, Honda has announced another novelty. The Honda Sensing 360 system also helps prevent accidents by monitoring areas in front of, behind and next to the vehicle.

Originally introduced in 2014, Honda Sensing technology helped the driver as an advanced blind spot monitoring system, and the new system added five radars (one at the front and four at the corners) to the existing camera-based system.

From now on, Honda will see everything 1

Honda SENSING 360

The technology, which will go on sale in China from 2022 and is expected to be available on Honda’s full global range from 2030, is an important part of the ambitious plan to have no Honda motorcycles or cars by 2050 (either actively or as a suffering party). ) to a fatal traffic accident.

The new 360-degree system can more effectively avoid collisions with vehicles and pedestrians from different directions. The system is also able to adjust the speed of the vehicle to the curve of the turn.

From now on, Honda will see everything 2

Honda SENSING 360