Honda’s European range expands with its sleek family SUV

The new hybrid model coming in 2023 will fill the gap between HR-V and CR-V.

Source: Honda

Honda officials have confirmed that the recently announced compact SUV model (C-segment) is named ZR-V, which stands for Z Runabaout Vehiche. A recreational car based on the new 11th generation Civic the gap between the small HR-V and the large CR-V is set to fill Honda’s range, with sales starting in 2023 in Europe.

Source: Honda

Moving is probably the new Civictwo-liter, 184-horsepower, hybrid e: HEV powertrain will ensure that the gasoline engine charges only the battery most of the time, the drive is mainly done by the electric motor. The average consumption is expected to be around 5 l / 100 km.

Dashboard for the new Honda Civic. We can expect something similar in the ZR-V as wellSource: Honda

The European-specification ZR-V is roughly the same as the new HR-V for the North American market and the ZR-V for the Chinese market, but will not be marketed with the 1.5-liter gasoline turbo engine.