Honduras demands rectification of Trump for declaration of misuse of aid

Honduras demands rectification of Trump for declaration of misuse of aid

Tegucigalpa, (EFE). – The Government of Honduras today rejected the declarations of the president of the USA, Donald Trump, on a "supposed misuse" of the aid that this country grants to the Central American nation, and asked him to rectify .

The Government of Honduras "emphatically rejects the unfounded statements referring to an alleged misuse of the cooperation resources provided by the Government of the United States and demands a rectification in this regard," said a statement from the Foreign Ministry.

Honduran media released on Monday a YouTube video in which Trump asks his vice president, Mike Pence, to call the Honduran president, Juan Orlando Hernández, and say: "Listen, we do not want you to allow the formation of caravans in your country We pay you hundreds of millions of dollars a year, which is very likely to be stolen and we do not want that. "

The Honduran official statement said that the statements expressed Sunday by the US president "hurt the honor of the Republic of Honduras."

Trump says in the video that countries like Honduras "we paid hundreds of millions of dollars, which, by the way, we're going to stop that very soon."

The US president has already announced that he will "substantially" reduce cooperation with Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala in retaliation because they have not been able to stop the caravans with thousands of migrants heading to the United States fleeing poverty and violence in their countries .

The Honduran government indicated in its letter that cooperation for economic and technical assistance from the United States "is administered directly by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through entities and organizations selected for execution."

"Honduras has always complied with the requirements to access the cooperation that is channeled through the budgets of the cooperation agencies of the United States of America," the Foreign Ministry statement said.

The official letter emphasizes that the cooperation that the United States grants to Honduras "does not enter the treasury and therefore the General Budget of the Republic, so these funds can not be abused".

Honduras said it considers "strategic relations" with the United States. in the fight against organized crime, drug trafficking, people, arms and the fight against gangs "is an alliance that must be strengthened".

Those efforts, he added, have been "widely recognized by the Department of State, the Department of Justice and its Drug Enforcement Administration Agency (DEA) and the Southern Command."

The Honduran government has invested "over 2,856 million dollars of own resources" in the last three years in the Plan of the Alliance for Prosperity of the Northern Triangle of Central America.

The resources have helped to launch "projects and programs aimed at addressing the causes of irregular migration, as well as the conditions in the transit and return of our fellow citizens," highlighted the Honduran Foreign Ministry.

The Alliance for Prosperity Plan seeks to improve the quality of life of Honduran, Guatemalan and Salvadoran citizens and create economic opportunities.

Honduras will continue to make "its best efforts" to strengthen the necessary development and social protection conditions, he added.

All this, says the Honduran Foreign Ministry, with the intention of "promoting the rooting of our territory without prejudice to carry out the steps that, according to international law, are appropriate in the protection of its population residing in the United States and the reunification of the families that have been separated. "


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