Honey Dijon & Channel Tres Feat. Sadie Walker unveil “Show Me Some Love”, the last single before the release of her second album “Black Girl Magic”, on November 18, 2022, via Classic Music Company

November 18, 2022 is a date to remember, because it is the release of the long-awaited second album, Black Girl Magic via Classic Music Company, of the inimitable Honey Dijon. Across 15 tracks about attitude, energy, heart and community, Honey demonstrates a wide range of disciplines and influences inviting many top artists including Channel Tres, Eve, Pabllo Vittar, Josh Caffe, Mike Dunn and more for an unforgettable album pushing the boundaries.

About Black Girl MagicHoney Dijon explained :

“This album is dedicated to love. Love of music, community, but most importantly love of self. To be true to who you are despite everything else and to have the courage to love without fear. »

Before the release of the album, Honey Dijon releases the fifth and last extract named “Show Me Some Love Feat. Sadie Walker” in collaboration with Channel Tres where she provides a lively setting filled with warmth and immediacy to the rapper’s lyrics. A successful mix of the styles of the two artists, the dancefloor and groovy signature of Honey combined with that of Channel Tres, exuberant and audacious.

© Honey Dijon

Regarding this collaboration, Channel Tres explained:

“I had a lot of fun with Honey working on this title, and every step of the way in the creative process was fun. We weren’t together in the studio, so it was very exciting to see how far a collaboration could take this record once I sent my part. This one was really special to me. That’s everything I love about underground dance music, confident and sexy. »

About Black Girl Magican album of House music and beyond:

Honey Dijon announces her album Black Girl Magic Classic Music Company in vinyl and digital format on November 18, 2022

Redefining the posture of being a DJ in 2022, this year Honey’s producing talents have been called upon by the elite of musicians. She produced two tracks for Beyonce’s “Renaissance” album and remixed the single “Break My Soul”. Today, she expresses her own sound on “Black Girl Magic” and unveils the next chapter in her development as a producer and songwriter.

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The project Black Girl Magic exemplifies Honey’s commitment to showcasing diverse vocal talent, whether on collaborating with Atlanta singer-songwriter Hadiya George, BBC Radio 1 playlisted “Not About You,” or her new single “Show Me Some Love”, featuring Channel Tres. By shining a spotlight on a new generation of queer people and people of color, Honey intends to “keep that culture in the conversation,” as evidenced by the artists featured on the record…

Behind the scenes, Honey worked closely with Classic Music Company founder and close friend Luke Solomon, as well as regular collaborator Chris Penny on the album’s production. It is his most adventurous and daring release with a range of diverse influences. Honey’s musical upbringing in Chicago is a driving force behind the album, and her goal is to show how she discovered the music of her hometown.

Singer EVE, who appears in the song “In The Club” which is the seventh track of the album, gave her opinion:

“I am very happy to be part of this album! Working with Honey Dijon and Luke Solomun was great fun and very different from what I had done before. – singing for the first time on a house record! I’m so grateful to Honey and Luke for asking me to be a part of it. I can’t wait for everyone to hear our song and dance to it in the clubs. »

In collaboration with British sculptor Jam Sutton, an artist who explores the relationship between technology and antiquity, sculptural 3D digital renderings of Honey have been the artwork for all previous singles leading up to Black Girl Magic. Exploring identity, form, technology and classic portraiture, the album artwork is the latest piece in Honey’s series of bespoke exhibits.

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single love is a state of mind by honey dijon artwork by english sculptor 3d chicago house music from the album black girl magic via Classic Music Company
Artwork for the single “Love is a State of Mind Feat. Ramona Renea” by Honey Dijon, made by 3D artist Jam Sutton

Jam Sutton, creator of the visual identity for Honey’s second album, added:

“It was such a pleasure to collaborate with Honey on a series of sculptures. Honey visited my studio where we spent an entire day discussing life and creativity. During this time, I made a series of shape studies using a 3D scanner. For two years, Honey and I worked together to create this body of work. I am interested in the moment of transformation of human form into digital form, from physical to virtual. There’s something fascinating about capturing a portrait of my subject as three-dimensional data, which I then refine to create sculptural pieces. I try to record not only the shape and contours of the flesh, but also the essence of being; I depict human physicality suspended in digital space. »

From his stratospheric DJ career, to his clothing line with COMME des GARÇONS: Honey Fucking Dijon, to the soundtrack to some of the most iconic fashion shows of the 21st century, Honey’s influence is felt around the worlds. music, fashion and art. Black Girl Magic is a powerful physical statement of his interdisciplinary artistic impact.

Streamer le single « Show Me Some Feat. Sadie Walker » d’Honey Dijon & Channel Tres via Classic Music Company

Tracklist de l’album Black Girl Magic :

01. Honey Dijon featuring Kameelah Waheed ‘Love Is’
02. Honey Dijon featuring Ramona Renea – Love Is A State Of Mind
03. Honey Dijon featuring Dope Earth Alien – It’s Quiet Now
04. Honey Dijon featuring Annette Bowen & Nikki-O – Downtown
05. Honey Dijon featuring Rimarkable & Dope Earth Alien – Drama
06. Honey Dijon featuring Cor.Ece – Stand
07. Honey Dijon featuring EVE – In The Club
08. Honey Dijon featuring Hadiya George – Not About You
09. Honey Dijon featuring Pabllo Vittar & Urias – Everybody
10. Honey Dijon featuring Hadiya George – Love Me Like You Care
11. Honey Dijon & Channel Tres featuring Sadie Walker – Show Me Some Love
12. Honey Dijon featuring LATÁSHA – Don’t Be Afraid
13. Honey Dijon featuring Cor.Ece, Dave Giles & Mike Dunn – Work
14. Honey Dijon featuring Mike Dunn – C’s Up
15. Honey Dijon featuring Josh Caffe – The Fantastic Woman

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