Tuesday, 24 Apr 2018
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Honey Green has restarted in the rain !


EVENT. After three days of disruption caused by the weather, Honey Green 2018 has reopened its doors yesterday morning.

The sun that reigned on the Plaine-des-Cafres to 7 pm, suggested a beautiful day and a return of the festive atmosphere. Alas, exhibitors and visitors were quickly disillusioned. Around 9 p.m., the rain resumed. Low ceiling, a ton of water, damp soil, and the faces were grey. “Everyone hopes for an improvement in the weather, nothing is safe. And it is necessary to take up to 21 January, with the threat of the weather, ” says an exhibitor.

another fact in humor : “something tells me that I’ll feel all alone, in the days to come.” The will of the elected tamponnais suspend and then extend Honey Green is fully justified by the popular craze of this rendez-vous farm in the South, but also by the high cost that would have resulted in a termination pure and simple. In fact, it would have had to pay back and even compensate the exhibitors. “Perhaps we should consider another calendar, suggested yesterday a craftsman exposing the eyes towards the sky. The organizers may choose dates that expose them less to the risks of the weather. It is well known that in this season, there are extreme weather conditions “.

throughout the day of reopening, yesterday, it was only an alternation of torrential rains and sunny, until the thunderstorm broke out at the end of the day. If the side of animations, the program did not undergo any real changes, the poster of concerts and musical performances in the evening is changed, in particular according to the diaries of artists.It is as well as Jah Cure, the artist of jamaica, which was supposed to occur yesterday evening, has been postponed to tomorrow night. Jah Cure has been faced with a problem of air transport. Still a damage collateral bad weather. The torrential rains of yesterday have also upset the poster of the evening.

The organizers are banking on a return of the good weather and the commitment of the public to this event, for it to find a second wind and ends in a climax, the 21st of January at midnight.

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