Honey Green : the Best Worker of France puts the Beef iep in lér

Honey Green : the Best Worker of France puts the Beef iep in lér

This Friday morning, the heavy rain did not prevent Romain Leboeuf, Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF) to visit Honey Green, Pad. In spite of the access made it difficult to the event, it is under the watchful eye of the public, the MOF has conducted a workshop in order to highlight the Beef iep. Its objective was to promote the beef is local, with the participation of Sica Revia.

clutching the pieces of meat, the MOF has worked his nets, ribs of beef, faux-filets, steaks and shoulders with the surgical precision of a butcher. Everything in an educational manner with explanations and tips for presentation.


Pleasantly surprised by its fine texture, Romain Leboeuf praised the quality and the traceability of the meat : “the beasts are born here, grass-fed, raised on pasture, fattened, slaughtered and eaten locally, which is not often the case in the metropolis, where the circuit is more european. In term of traceability, you can’t do better”.

on The side of the Sica Revia, its president, Olivier Robert, said he was very proud to have seen one of the Best butchers Workmen of France to work with the meat iep.

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