Hong Kong “Apple” reporter immigrated to the UK “Stopping the publication is as heartbreaking as losing a family member” | Apple News | Apple Daily

After these two years of turbulence and changes, for many Hong Kong people, this land has become unfamiliar and forced to embark on a journey away from home. A 36-year-old photographer who used to work for the “Apple Daily” in Hong Kong. Xu (Mike Hui) is one of them.

Last month, Mike took his wife and daughter and his family immigrated to the UK, hoping to have a new start. He told the Associated Press, “I don’t think I can stay any longer. I can’t let the next generation grow up in such an environment.”

Anti-government demonstrations broke out in Hong Kong the year before, followed by government suppression, which arrested pro-democracy activists and strangled the space for dissidents. Until the beginning of April this year, Mike was still working at the “Apple Daily” in Hong Kong. Two managers and three journalists of Hong Kong’s “Apple Daily” were recently arrested by the Hong Kong police for violating Hong Kong’s “National Security Law”. Their assets were frozen by the Hong Kong government and its publication was suspended last week.

He said that after working for “Apple” in Hong Kong for 7 years, the suspension made him very heartbroken. “I think the memories of these years can prove that I have stayed here and that everything in this industry has disappeared…. It’s like losing. A very close family.”

Mike, who has been in a foreign land, said that he missed his family and friends, but he no longer has too much nostalgia for Hong Kong.

Mike mentioned that in July 2019, when the relationship between the Hong Kong police and the supporters of the protests was the most tense, the anti-demonstration mob in Yuen Long attacked the people at the subway station. He and many people were disappointed with the way the Hong Kong police handled the attack at that time. One year later, the Hong Kong government introduced the “National Security Law”, which inspired him to leave Hong Kong.

Mike now lives in Leeds with a family of three in the north of England. He said that the easiest way to adapt to a new life is probably his 5-year-old daughter. Before leaving Hong Kong, he told his daughter that there will be many people of different skin colors and races in the new home, just like the Disney movie “Frozen.”

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Mike mentioned that her daughter now enjoys the spacious park, a toy store like a warehouse, and a bedroom that is bigger than when Hong Kong was crowded. “After all, she is still young and I don’t know what happened.”

Although Mike has more than 10 years of media work experience, he does not intend to return to his old career in the UK, at least not to be a full-time job, and he does not intend to restore the Hong Kong lifestyle. “I want to have a rebirth mentality when I move here. Want to start again, challenge yourself. You have to start with something and try new things.” (Han Zhengyan/Comprehensive Foreign Telegraph Report)

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