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Possibility of stabilization in the current functions of the entire honorary judiciary in service, according to a procedure to be completed within three years, based on seniority in office and after examination. Alternatively, a flat-rate allowance. These are the axes on which the Ministry of Justice is working in the light of the indications of the European Commission, which has opened an infringement procedure against Italy on this point. The lines of action were illustrated yesterday by the Minister of Justice, Marta Cartabia, who met Stefania Cacciola, Monica Cavassa and Massimo Libri, former members, for the honorary judiciary, of the ministerial reform commission, chaired by Claudio Castelli.

In the interview, the Keeper explained that the stabilization must take place through a verification, in compliance with art. 97 of the Constitution, through tests with modalities being defined, aimed at enhancing previous experiences and taking into account the already existing confirmation procedures. The second possibility offered to justices of the peace and honorary deputy prosecutors in service, as an alternative to stabilization, is a flat-rate allowance, calibrated on the basis of the years of service accrued, explains a note from via Arenula.

As for the salary, it is currently the subject of further discussions between the ministry of justice and the ministry of economy and finance, in order to arrive, as far as possible, at a result corresponding to the indications provided by the ministerial commission. The changes will be introduced as a government amendment to the next Budget bill, which began its journey in the Senate committee, so as to ensure definitive responses to the category by 31 December 2021. “Minister Cartabia and the three members of the ministerial commission”, the note closes, “they agree on the need to continue working in an atmosphere of serene and mutual collaboration”.

With a communiqué dated November 3, the Council of the Honorary Judiciary, which groups together various associations of magistrates, had announced the abstention from civil and criminal hearings from 23 to 27 November 2021, by the honorary judges of the peace assigned to the offices of the judge of peace and the tribunal and honorary deputy prosecutors. “Words are no longer enough to be able to wait in silence for a reform that respects the European order; the request for postponement by the government, reiterated on October 27, 2021 at the Senate Justice Commission, risks dragging the debate up to the pre-electoral stages of appointment of the President of the Republic, without success, with consequent further aggravation of the damage, already irreparable, to the category, for too many years without rights and protections ».