‘Hope Federer is happy regardless of his decision’, McEnroe wishes

Roger Federer (40 ans ; 96e world) will be one of the big absentees from Wimbledon (June 27-July 11), a tournament he won 8 times. Referring to the absence of the Swiss legend, John McEnroe, on ESPN confided, in remarks reported by Reuters:Twenty years, you have to see the bright side of things. You had a lot of time where you had the chance to see this guy play and win many times. So we have to hope that whatever he decides, he will be happy. 40 years ago. He managed to get this far. It’s incredible. Roger Federer is a living legend. We all know that. He is the embodiment of what you want your child to be when they grow up. And he’s the most beautiful player I’ve ever seen play. I idolized (Rod) Laver. To me, it’s a bit of a modern Laver. »