Hopeless Bundesliga case SpVgg Greuther Fürth?

The balance sheet is a disaster. Just one point out of eight games. SpVgg Greuther Fürth knew that this season would be very difficult – but that difficult? The view of the statistics is bleak.

Even against the newcomers VfL Bochum it was not possible to score: The Fürth players linger on the pitch after the final whistle.  Photo: Daniel Karmann / dpa (Image: dpa) Photo: Daniel Karmann / dpa

Even against the newcomers VfL Bochum it was not possible to score: The Fürth players linger on the pitch after the final whistle. Photo: Daniel Karmann / dpa (Image: dpa)
(Photo: Daniel Karmann / dpa)

Fürth coach Stefan Leitl only rolled his eyes. It’s just not enough at SpVgg Greuther Fürth. Even a supposed duel at eye level against fellow promoted VfL Bochum, the Franconians cannot win in the Bundesliga.

Worse still: Despite all engagements, you are brutally punished again and conceded the next defeat. After just one point from eight Bundesliga games, the question arises, who is this team supposed to win against? But also whether Fürth is already a hopeless case in the fight to stay in the league? “We have prepared ourselves for this situation in a certain way,” said promotion coach Leitl after the 0: 1 (0: 0) against VfL on Saturday. “That it would happen with this negative series, however, was perhaps not to be expected.”

At some point, you can get three points

The people of Fürth knew that the second Bundesliga season in their history was going to be a very complicated one. The budget is small compared to the competition, and top performers left the club in the summer. That’s why sports director Rachid Azzouzi knows what he has in his coach. The crashing false start hits the Franconians with full force. “That reads badly, and we can’t downplay that,” admitted Leitl.

Three clubs started before the Fürthern each with only one counter from eight match days – in the end they all relegated. “You have the chance to score points week after week in this league, if you reach your limits, if you avoid mistakes, that is the goal for the coming weeks,” said Leitl indefatigably. Azzouzi told Sport1: “We will do everything we can to knock over the goat at some point in order to get three points.”

“In sum it is not enough”

Once again the Fürth people were too harmless on the offensive, once again they didn’t pay attention to a standard. Bochum’s captain Anthony Losilla prevailed after a free kick by Eduard Löwen in the 80th minute in the air duel against Hans Nunoo Sarpei, his header hit the game association in the marrow.

“What is annoying, of course, is the standard situation again, we have a clear allocation of men, which we unfortunately do not implement on the pitch,” complained Leitl. It was no longer enough for the Fürthers to rebel. “In the situation we are in, we cannot come back to shoot a game,” stated Leitl. “All in all, it’s not enough to score.”

Commitment, discipline and will are still decisive, emphasized Leitl. However, even a clear analysis does not alleviate the frustration. “That hurts a lot,” admitted captain Branimir Hrgota and added: “It is wrong to say that we cannot win against anyone.”

The Fürth players in the first division have yet to prove that. «I do not get restless or have to make great changes. I try to do my best for the club every day, »assured Leitl and admitted that of course, he also questioned himself. The next chance in Fürth is now RB Leipzig.

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