Hornets lost 66-0 to Black Goats

After two juicy defeats in a row, the opening game against champions Kassel was lost at 20:75, Hornet press spokesman Achim Korn sums it up: “We are now in the middle of a relegation battle,” says the veteran.
In the first half, the Hanau team, who had only traveled to Mannebach with a skeleton squad, were able to keep up and chased a 0:21 in the second half.

Due to the many failures on the Hanau side, head coach Rick Holland had to improvise. So the Hornets had to compete with a newly formed offensive line that had never played together. In the end, coordination problems in the flow of the game were the logical consequence.

Shortly after halftime, the Hornets briefly gave a sign of life. However, the newcomer didn’t let himself be taken away from the bread and increased the pace and the touchdown yield. Even in the last quarter, the Black Goats were still chasing points and scored 27 points, which then set the final point in a one-sided game.
It is clear that Mannebach was able to score many points in the end. Our defense didn’t have any major recovery periods and usually had to come back on the field after four attempts on offense. You break down at some point, but the guys were able to keep up well. Then there was the fact that some had injured themselves during the game and the course of the game was spread over just a few shoulders.” explains spokesman Korn.

On the Hanau side, only Tettey Awah and Marcel Herrmann were able to draw attention to themselves with individual actions in attack. “Saturday is actually a bad date for us because for many people Saturday is a normal working day and they are therefore absent.”Hornets President Lukas Ludwig explains why the Hornets could only arrive with a core squad.

Bad for the Hornets as all away games this season are on a Saturday and next Saturday it’s off to the next title contender, the Fulda Saints. “I think it will look better then. There’s no point in beating up the boys now. The start of the season was messed up, that’s the way it is now, we have to come to terms with it. In the home games we can play with a full squad and we can’t let that take the butter off our bread. The team has the potential to keep up in the premier league and I’m sticking to it, we will play in the premier league next year and not be relegated.” prophesies Korn.

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