Horoscope for today, August 8, 2020, of all zodiac signs

At horoscope for today, Saturday, August 8, various planets go through fire signs to give you a stimulating and positive day. You will want to enjoy life more and you will notice everything positive that is around you.


Today your sign is highly activated by the Moon, the Black Moon and Mars that exalt your dominant and arrogant character. You will want to do whatever you want and you will be more impulsive.

However, so that you have a good day without discord, the Sun will send you its rays so that you do not have problems with anyone and you can develop without effort.

You will be frank and direct, but without causing someone to get defensive, but by achieving understanding and respect. All these planetary combinations will also make you want to do different things and get out of the routine in a fun way.

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Today there are several planets activating signs of the fire element, among them the Moon, the Black Moon, Mars and the Sun. As they combine their energies in a very favorable way, they stimulate and encourage you to quickly solve difficult family situations.

If you have your internal world orderly and calm, and you know what you need, it is very easy for you to also know what it is that you need in your home to get along better.

This favors you because, in these moments of difficult situation for the world in general, you can make your home an oasis. For all this purpose, you can also do a ritual so that peace and serenity reign in your home.

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The energies of the Moon, the Black Moon and Mars combine with the vibrations of the Sun to give you a totally calm and harmonious day. You will feel this in the conversations you have during the day because nothing will take you out of your positive attitude and your good mood.

You will be interested in your own mental well-being and you will know how to block, so that the complaints you receive or the bad news do not reach your mind or your ears.

You will seek to be surrounded by beauty and joy and will have a greater capacity than other days to appreciate the good things. Use this special influence to pass good and positive messages that stimulate those around you.

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The Sun has passed through Leo for weeks and today it is building, thanks to its union with various planets such as the Moon, Black Moon and Mars, a very positive energy network to activate your ability to synchronize your professional aspirations with your material ambitions.

This flow is good because you will have the vitality and sensitivity necessary to request your salary increases, at the same time that you do your job effectively.

You will be able to attract people who are very convenient for you and you will get out of the criticism that others make you. In this order of ideas, you can get financial and professional help.

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For a couple of weeks, the Sun began to pass through your sign, making you find yourself in a very important moment because your vitality and willpower increase.

Today you will notice that to this is added a good and a pleasant disposition to accept risks; something that at other times you would hesitate to do, but you have the support of the Universe.

This is because of the energy combination that the Moon, the Black Moon and Mars give you so that you can expand your horizons even more. You will also see that it will be very easy for you to complement your goals with those of others and work as a team.

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Today the Moon is passing through the sign Aries, along with the Black Moon and Mars, while the Sun continues its passage through Leo.

All these planets combine in fire signs so that you can be much more rational, have better spirits, be more positive and direct your life. You will feel this influence by being able to analyze the root of your emotional crises.

By understanding why they originated, you will feel that you no longer have to carry certain memories and you can free yourself from strong internal pressure. Allow yourself to cry a bit, if it makes you feel better, and then start a more joyous day.

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Today the Moon in Aries, along with the Black Moon and Mars, agree with the Sun, which is still passing through Leo, to form a very favorable energy network that allows you to enjoy your relationship with your partner, your friends intimate and any other social group.

You will be well predisposed because you will radiate good spirits and well-being, continually giving others a lot of optimism and encouragement so that they achieve their goals and be happy.

Also, you will not notice the negative aspects of the day, which will make you attract people to share a good time. Keep in mind that no one wants to keep thinking about current problems.

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Today the White Moon and the Black Moon agree with the Sun because they are passing through signs of fire, an element that stimulates you and gives you very good spirits.

When this happens, you feel very harmonious inside, happy with yourself and satisfied with what you have generated in your external world. All these motivations will make you have a day full of optimism, especially if you use an amulet to stay positive.

Take advantage of this to make the necessary changes in your personal life starting today and plan the job changes you want to make for next week, since you have the strength to withstand oppositions while completing your tasks perfectly.

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You are a fire sign, a positive element that always looks forward. When the Sun, Moon, Black Moon and Mars go through signs of this element as they do today, they generate an exceptionally positive day.

With all these influences in the horoscope, you will be able to find your way and overcome one of your obsessions in life. You will also have the ability to direct all your forces to a target, without wasting time or having to delay in giving explanations to anyone, because you feel very strongly the security of knowing what you have to do.

Above all, if you have your own business or are thinking of starting it these days, since you will be able to receive good news of its results.

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The current of energy that exists today between the Sun in Leo and the Moon, the black Moon and Mars in Aries is rational and emotionally stimulating. Therefore, they will make you feel a different force inside you through which you will generate a renewal of your illusions.

Your ideas will be positive, you will not see the negative that you have lived so far and you will only consider the good that is yet to come.

All this, in turn, will help you move better between your family relationships, as well as infecting them with your good spirit, giving them hope so that they are happier. In addition, it is a good time if you have to resolve issues of the heritage they share.

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When the Moon, Mars, and the Sun are in fire signs like today, they form a strong stream of positive energy. You will feel this stimulating influence on the clarity you will have as you resolve issues through your intuitions and listening to the voice of your heart.

This is how you can separate the feelings from the needs that exist in your relationship and overcome the shortcomings to improve your relationship.

All these planetary motivations will make you act accordingly and correct what is wrong so that, from now on, it is a positive relationship and helps them grow in feelings and as people.

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You are not very rational commonly, since you belong to the most sensitive and emotional sign of all. But with today’s combination of the energy of the Moon, Mars in Aries and the Sun in Leo, it will be very easy for you to leave the negative emotions that lower your spirits to renew your ideas and decide to live a very positive day.

Consequently, decide to make decisions and take that risk. You can do this in your finances, your work and the lifestyle you want to lead from now on.

On the other hand, all this planetary vibration helps you to be sentimentally positive and encourage you to seduce whoever you like.

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