Horoscope of the day: Monday 18 December


Love, friendship, form, work and health … What do the stars reserve for you today? Discover the atmosphere of your day according to your zodiac sign.

Aries You will be able to take risks and bet optimistically on the unknown today. Trades related to teaching, training will be favored, as well as links with international and foreign cultures. Side heart, you could be tempted by exotic loves. READ ALSO >> our folder horoscopes 2017 Taurus Conditions are favorable for financial partnerships and potentially lucrative investments. Professionally, you could partner to make the most of your resources. Side heart, you are really ready to make room for the Other. Gemini It is by playing the card of the cooperation that you will succeed the best this day. At work, do not hesitate to circulate all the necessary information, but do not put special affect in your relations: business is business. Heart side, bet on the dialogue. Cancer This is a beautiful day of work that promises to be effective and enjoyable. Communication between colleagues should be good and help to overcome the difficulties, misunderstandings and delays of this busy pre-holiday period. Side heart, you are not hyper romantic but very loyal however. READ ALSO >> our annual horoscope 2017 Lion You will make a splash in the creative dimension of your job today. In case of brainstorming, you will provide a thousand ideas per minute to the entire team and very practical ideas, plus! Side heart, you are always very eager but may need to slow down a bit … Virgin You will have trouble leaving your home to work this morning. Disturbances related to your home may hold you longer than expected. But you should then be able to focus / refocus on your goals, despite the contrary currents! Balance A good day to cultivate your professional contacts, pamper your customers, take the pulse of your suppliers and, more generally, extend your professional network. In case of divergence between colleagues, you also make an excellent referee / peacemaker. READ ALSO >> our horoscope of december 2017 Scorpio This Monday should be good for your business. You reap the fruits of your efforts – especially hard cash – and could benefit from the protection of powerful support. On the heart side, you give free rein to a joyous and liberated sensuality. Sagittarius If you have feasted all weekend, you may feel a little tired. Fortunately you keep a nice background energy. At work, your sense of initiative and your binder work wonders. The rating is a little more emotionally restrictive. Capricorn Stay a little behind today, do not get into the heart of the action: let things get done and get rid of … you’ll get your hands well soon enough. On the heart side, you may not be able to give free rein to your feelings. But your dreams of love will be flamboyant. Aquarius This is the moment to give your projects a decisive impetus. You might encounter a number of oppositions, but you have the sacred fire! But be careful not to be too unrealistic about the budget. Heart side, you go frankly. Pisces There could be a lot going on at work today. This is the time to put you forward, to advertise, not to let you forget-for bonuses or promotions end of the year. Side heart, a lot of fervor but some confusion too. READ ALSO >> the astrology blog of Sybille Souane, Astrorama