‘Horrifying sexism in Big Brother’

Today is International Women’s Day, and that is a good time for Leen Dendievel to write about alleged sexism in the house of Big Brother. In her Instagram Story, the Belgian actress and writer expresses her frustrations.


“Well, now I look back. And what do I see? I see a woman, very strong, who is constantly nominated (mainly by men)”, she refers to Nawel, who has already survived six nominations. Dendievel wonders why she is always the loser? “But I know. Because she is a threat.”

International Women’s Day

“Because she is strong, dares to speak up for her opinion and she stands her ground. As a result, she is seen as ‘hard’, or ‘cocky’. No no, it’s just a woman of this time, with the same rights to speak out as another, a man or other gender. That’s why this woman must’‘ to win! And why am I sharing this? Because this is a great example of why International Women’s Day exists. Voila!”

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