Horror drama in Vilnius: they talked about love for half the night near the corpse, and then threw it from the 4th floor

“He initially wanted to chop my roommate into pieces, but I didn’t let him, then he decided to throw him out of the window and drag him into the garbage container – after throwing him out, he changed his mind and said, let him lie down,” Viktorija R., the victim’s roommate, told the shocking story.

She is the only one who saw how N. Kopcas was previously convicted 7 times in one Šaltkalvių street. threw a man who lived in an apartment building out of the window. Shockingly, the woman did not rush to save her roommate, nor did she call an ambulance or the police.

“I was afraid”, – the woman excuses herself today, even though she and N. Kopac, who is now accused of intentional murder, stayed in the apartment belonging to the murdered Artūrs S. for a few hours after the cold-blooded murder, and later hid from the police for several days together.

Viktorija R. still cannot explain her act, but she admitted that before the murder she had sexual relations with N. Kopac several times, and he, who had killed her long-time friend, talked about love even at the corpse – he asked her if she was really convinced, that they can be together for the rest of their lives.

“He said that he did this because of our love, he asked if I was really sure that we would be able to be together,” said the woman.

Such terrible circumstances came to light when the Vilnius District Court started examining the criminal case in which N. Kopc is accused of intentionally killing a helpless person in order to cover up another crime – before throwing Artur S. out of the window, the man had beaten him so much that he lost consciousness.

Nerijus Kopc

© DELFI / Andrius Ufartas

In the criminal case, Vilnius District Prosecutor’s Office prosecutor Tomas Čepelionis, who supports the state prosecution in the criminal case, said that Artūras S. was killed in July of last year, at an unspecified time, but in the period from July 19. at 2 p.m., when he met with N. Kopac, and no later than July 20. At 6 o’clock, when the body of the murdered man was found near the apartment building.

According to the case, N. Kopc punched Artūras S. at least three times in the shoulder, nose, and head with his left fist, then pushed him at least twice, causing him to lose consciousness when his head hit the wall, and later, when Artūras S. he was probably still alive, but in a helpless state, N. Kopc pushed him to the window and threw him out of the open window of the apartment on the fourth floor. The man died instantly from multiple injuries.

N. Kopc, accused of this crime, was arrested five days later – all this time he was hiding from the authorities. Not alone – with Artūrs S.’s cohabitant Viktorija R., for which, probably, he decided to kill. It is true that N. Kopc denies that his hands are stained with blood, but he has not yet agreed to tell the court examining the criminal case what happened at Artūrs S.’s house on the day he celebrated his 28th birthday.

At that time, the partner of the murdered man, Viktorija R., who lived with Artūrs S. for more than eleven years, said that both she and her partner were previously addicted to drugs, so they had been treating their addiction for some time and only used methadone. The couple has a child, who should be 8 years old at the moment, but the boy, when he was only two years old, was transferred to the care of a foreign family by the decision of child rights specialists – neither the mother nor the father even tried to get him back.

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To the apartment Šaltkalvių st. the couple moved in only three months before the tragedy, but they had already made a mark – neighbors complained about the constant noise coming from the apartment. It was the same that night – one woman admitted that she heard a loud noise, and in the morning she learned from another neighbor that the owner of the apartment was dead. Neighbors initially thought that the man jumped out of the window from the fourth floor himself.

Nerijus Kopc

Nerijus Kopc

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However, as soon as the police began to investigate the circumstances of his death, suspicions arose that he was murdered – there was no one in the apartment where he lived, and there were traces of blood, and it was obvious that he had been drunk before. Here the officers also found a backpack containing a passport issued in the name of N. Kopc, and Artūrs S.’s partner suddenly disappeared, although she was at home all the time.

The fact that N. Kopc killed Artūras S. was not only known to the murdered man’s partner Viktorija R. – the same night the man had told about it not only to one of his acquaintances, who introduced him to Artūras S. and his partner Viktorija R. , but also to another friend who, while hiding, allowed them to spend the night in the basement of his apartment building.

Artūrs S.’s roommate, who was hiding with N. Kopc for the first days, was never able to tell the authorities why the man who lived with her was killed, but she admitted that he had left her the apartment in which he was killed in his will after his death.

That day, according to Viktorija R., when N. Kopc called her, he admitted that he was celebrating his birthday today, asked him to come to New Vilnius, but when the taxi never came, he told him to wait in Naujininkai near the store. When they met here, the man bought “a lot of cans of beer and vodka”, and they drank a few cans of beer near the store.

“Then N. Kopc suggested to go home, so I also called Artūrs S. and asked if he wanted to have a beer – after all, a person celebrates his birthday”, – Viktorija R. said that her roommate also knew N. Kopc and got along well with him agreed, so he did not object to the fun continuing in his own apartment.

The trio was drinking all day – the woman claimed that no conflicts had arisen, only N. Kopacs did not like it when Artūras S. hugged her and said affectionate words.

“Artūras S. liked to say that he loves me very much, and when he dies, his apartment will go to me – that evening he caressed and kissed me many times, – said Viktorija R. – When he hugged me again and kissed me, I noticed how he had changed N. Kopc’s face, therefore, not wanting to aggravate this situation, I decided to take the puppy outside. And then N. Kopc offered Artūrs S. to sit next to him – they were friendly and I left them.”

But barely half an hour later, Viktorija R. received a call: “I was still walking with the puppy, when N. Kopc called me and told me to return home as soon as possible because “I did something bad.” I didn’t understand anything, I was already going home, but 10 minutes later I received another call from him – he asked where I was, he repeated again that he had done something bad.”

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Nerijus Kopc

Nerijus Kopc

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After returning home soon, Viktorija R. felt as if she had entered a slaughterhouse – Artūras S. was lying in bed turned on his side, his face was all blue, there was a lot of blood around him, and a towel was stuffed into his mouth, which the woman used when leaving the bathroom.

“I was very scared, I started crying, screaming, but then he covered my mouth with his hand,” the woman recalled.

According to her, N. Kopac kept telling her that he only did it out of love: “He explained to me that I did it for love – I didn’t understand what he was talking about, I said what nonsense you are talking, but he didn’t stop – he said, now you you will take care of me, I will not let you go.”

“Then he came to Artūrs S. and pulled a towel from his mouth – then blood started to flow,” she recalled. And she added – after adapting the moment when N. Kopcas could not see, she touched her roommate, but he was said to be “already cold” at that time.

“So that I couldn’t see, he covered Arthur S. with a blanket, asked why you were looking at him like that, what – you feel sorry for him, and then he asked – do you think I can tell Žana about it (the woman who introduced N. Kopac to Viktorija R and Artūr S. –”, said the woman.

Zhana lived nearby, so N. Kopc and Viktorija R. went to meet her and told her about it – the woman did not want to believe what she was hearing at first, and when N. Kopc’s words were confirmed by Viktorija R., they were both kicked out.

“I thought she was going to call the police,” Viktorija R. says today.

After leaving their friend’s house, Viktorija R. and N. Kopc returned to the same apartment – Artūras S. was lying in the same place, and they continued to “celebrate” N. Kopc’s birthday. But the idea of ​​how to get rid of the owner of the apartment did not leave this man’s mind – he wanted to take the man out of the house and throw him in a garbage container near the apartment building.

“He tried to lift it and throw it on his back, but he couldn’t, it was too hard, he said, he wouldn’t have enough strength, so he started thinking about what to do next,” the woman said. – Then he thought that it was necessary to chop Artūrs S.’s body into pieces – I said that he was talking nonsense, I would not allow my roommate to be chopped up. I was very afraid of him – he threatened to cut off the heads of anyone who told what he had done.”

According to Viktorijas R., later N. Kopacs took Artūras S., who was not showing signs of life, to the windowsill, said that he would throw him out, and then drag him to the garbage containers and throw them into them.

“I was sitting on the bed at the time, he said, if you don’t want to, don’t look,” recalled the witness who witnessed the terrible crime. “I wasn’t looking, but soon I turned around and saw how he pushed Arthur S. out of the window.”

But, according to the woman, N. Kopacs did not leave the apartment anywhere – he decided that there was no need to hide the body among household waste anymore.

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“He said, oh, let him lie there,” said the murdered man’s partner in court.

This, according to her, happened around 3 a.m. of the night

Nerijus Kopc

Nerijus Kopc

© DELFI / Andrius Ufartas

“Then we drank again – I was in shock, I was drinking wine,” explained Viktorija R. When asked why she didn’t call the police, the woman said she couldn’t find her mobile phone.

About 6 o’clock in the morning, when N. Kopc went to the toilet, Viktorija R. went to the window to look at her roommate – she saw that the police had already arrived.

“I was scared, I said, let’s run,” the woman admitted.

They didn’t run out of the apartment building through the main door, so they didn’t come face to face with the police officers. At first, they hid from the police in Naujininkai – they lay down in the meadow: Viktorija R. was listening to music, and N. Kopacs was sleeping.

“He didn’t let me go, he followed me everywhere – I was very afraid when I saw such a thing, he is very aggressive when he’s drunk,” said the woman, who, although she had the opportunity to escape from N. Kopc, did not take advantage of that opportunity. And in the evening, he met another friend, to whom he also told about what happened, and asked him to spend the night in the basement.

“So we spent the night together, the police called N. Kopac, asked where he was, but he lied about the address and turned off the phone,” she recalled.

Viktorija R. could not explain why N. Kopc killed her roommate, she excused herself that he did not tell her anything, but hinted that Artūras S. was ambushed: “He said that he hit him in the shoulder when he was not expecting it, he was not among them a conflict has arisen.”

“Then I asked him – why are you telling me this, only then did he stop,” Viktorija R. said.

According to her, Artūrs S. did not even need to be severely beaten – the man’s pelvic bones were broken 6 years ago, and he walked with crutches all the time.

“N. Kopc told me that it was good that I wasn’t in the apartment and didn’t see anything,” added Viktorija R.

The woman said that she was taking care of her roommate’s funeral, at which time N. Kopc was arrested and taken into custody. The husband was never released from it – while the criminal case brought against him is being examined, N. Kopec is being held under the strictest pretrial detention.

Viktorija R. also admitted that during the couple of months when she knew N. Kopac, she had sexual relations with him several times, but Artūras S. did not know anything about this intimate communication of hers and did not even suspect it.

“What else can life be like, after all, we have only known each other for two months,” she explained, when asked if she intended to link her future with N. Kopac, who is accused of intentional murder.

N. Kopc has been convicted of theft, robbery, as well as driving a car while intoxicated, and has also been administratively fined 26 times for various violations. If proven guilty in court, the man will face up to 20 years in prison.

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