Horror: they feasted on the corpse shirtless – the surveillance camera showed

When the shocking footage emerged, residents in the area could hardly believe their eyes.

A nature-loving woman claims she had a shocking experience after obtaining evidence of two naked “witches” consuming a dead deer in a “scavenger ritual”. Corinea Stanhope of Powell River, Canada, says that after finding a dead deer on her property, she set up a hidden wildlife camera to see what animals were attracted to it.

However, the 36-year-old mother was upset when she and her grandfather watched the camera footage and saw two shirtless women bent over the deer’s carcass appearing to be feasting. Images provided to the Mirror show two pale, half-naked figures with thick matted hair crouching over the dead deer. The pictures you can watch it here.

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2023-06-04 16:22:00