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Hosni Abdu Rabbo Achieves Record Record and Complete 15 Thousand Minutes in Ismaili Shirt (Video)

Here is the details

The leader of the Ismaili team Hosni Abd Rabbo scored a record after he participated in the 111th between the Dervishes and the Egyptian Al-Portsaidi, in particular until the 60th minute of the match they are currently taking on the Ismailia Stadium at the end of the 12th round of the league competition.

The Tsar became the most active player with Ismaili after completing 15000 minutes in the Dervishes shirt after participating in the Egyptian match until the 60th minute.

In the 65th minute, Brazilian Vieira decided to honor Hosni Abed Rabbo, replacing him with Nigerian striker Afoulabi.

The 110 matches between the Egyptian and Ismaili scored the dervishes 150 goals, compared to 95 for Al-Borseidi.

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