Hospital. Additional 400 million for salaries of non-medical personnel

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The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, proposed to the unions an additional envelope of 400 million euros to improve the remuneration of paramedical and non-medical hospital staff, we learned on Thursday, July 2.

In all, 6.4 billion euros in wage measures

This sum, which brings to 6.4 billion euros the amount of salary measures (excluding doctors and interns), was proposed Wednesday July 1 at the end of a meeting of nearly 10 hours as part of the “Ségur de la health, “FO-Health said in a statement.

A second union source confirmed the amount of this budget extension. Contacted, the Ministry of Health did not wish to confirm the information, stating that ” the discussions “ were ” ongoing “ with unions.

At a previous meeting on June 24, Olivier Véran proposed an envelope of six billion euros to increase the salaries of non-medical hospital staff.

The minister has also put on the table 500 million euros in revaluations for doctors, interns and health students, who have an appointment with the ministry on Thursday July 2 for a new negotiation session.

A still insufficient envelope

For non-medical staff, the envelope is still deemed insufficient by the unions, which are demanding a pay rise of 300 euros net for all public sector employees.

“Despite the announcement of an additional envelope of 400 million euros, the claim of 300 euros for all is clearly not possible in the state”, FO estimates, adding that “The minister’s proposals fell short of demands”.

“The Minister wished to be able to have a few additional days in order to return to the President of the Republic to obtain new financial arbitrations […] The ball is back in the court of the executive ”, insisted the union.

“We will meet again, a sign that we are discussing”

Asked Thursday morning July 2 on RTL, Olivier Véran for his part emphasized the importance of the amount proposed by the government. “Six billion euros is considerable: it is 40 times more than the annual revaluations of hospital salaries operated by the previous government”, he said.

“Of course, we come from far away and that is why this effort is colossal: it is the biggest effort ever made for the health sector”, he insisted, assuring that the negotiation was not closed: “We will meet again, a sign that we are discussing”.



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