Hospital. At Rennes University Hospital, “we spend our time calling back colleagues on leave”

Head of emergencies at Rennes University Hospital, Samu 35 and also vice-president of the Samu Urgences de France union, Professor Louis Soulat has trouble restraining his exasperation. An emergency physician appreciated and respected by his teams. “There is an urgent need to improve working conditions and to have sufficient staff. We spend our time calling back colleagues on leave to fill in the gaps and things always get stuck in terms of recovery ”, he asserts.

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“The widening gap between management and caregivers”

Solidarity in this service and a sense of duty are not empty words. “But it wears out and it is not an acceptable operation. The exceptional becomes the common. ” He also plague “Against city medicine which no longer plays its role”. For lack of general practitioners available, patients run to the emergency room. In Rennes, he is also experimenting with the access to care service (SAS) which should allow, when the 15th is called, a better regulation of access to emergencies.

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Misunderstanding also on “The closures of the emergency departments of peripheral hospitals which increase our activity “. And regret “The growing gap between management and caregivers”. He also worries a lot “The loss of attractiveness of emergency medicine given the working conditions and the lack of recognition. ” A real stab for this great defender of emergencies. “Yet we are the only light that remains on at night from now on and we must have the means to properly fulfill our mission. “