Hospital has 11 pregnant employees at the same time: ‘Something really unique’

10 nurses are pregnant; all work in the hospital’s Birthing Center (Credit: Disclosure/ Liberty Hospital)

Eleven women on staff at the Liberty Hospital birthing center in Missouri, United States, are pregnant. Ten nurses and an obstetrician are due to give birth between the end of this month and November this year.

“They always do things in groups, but we’ve never had 10 nurses pregnant at the same time,” said Nicki Kolling, director of the Birthing Center. “So it’s been fun,” she added in an interview with Fox News.

Kolling said hiring female employees to cover staff on maternity leave will be interesting, but they will make it work.

The two professionals expected to give birth first are Alex Atcheson and Alison Harrell, both at 37 weeks. According to Alison, it’s been fun bonding with her patients.

“They tell you about their struggle and you’re like, okay, yeah, I’m going through the exact same thing, right there with you,” Alison said. “I’m running to the bathroom every five minutes,” the nurse revealed.

“It’s definitely been supportive, and just wonderful to have that connection with each other,” said Alex. She and Alison are in their third pregnancy.

Doctor Anna Gorman is expecting her second child and said it was not likely that all 11 were pregnant together. “I think it’s something really unique because they’re all in the same unit. So for sure it happens, but it’s very exciting when it’s that big,” the gynecologist said.

According to Christen Burns, 26, she was one of the last to join the hospital’s pregnant women’s club. “I was one of the last to tell everyone that I was pregnant,” she said.

The nurse is expecting her first child. “It’s good that there are people around me going through the same thing for sure,” she said.




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