Hospital. More than 4,000 beds were abolished in 2018

Nearly 4,200 hospital beds were abolished in 2018 in France, where the number of maternities fell below the 500 threshold, while emergencies recorded 400,000 additional passages, according to a report published this Friday, July 3 by the Drees, the statistical service of social ministries.

Ambulatory shift

Bed closures continued in public and private health facilities, which had already crossed the symbolic bar of 400,000 full hospital beds and 2017 downward.

With 4,195 additional layoffs in 2018, 3,042 hospitals and clinics had exactly 395,670 beds at year-end, according to the panorama annual Drees.

This loss of accommodation capacity was partially offset by the creation of 1,845 partial hospitalization places (without overnight stays), bringing their number to almost 77,300.

A rebalancing which illustrates the ambulatory turn hospital care, with a further increase in partial hospitalizations (16.1 million days, or + 2%) and a further decline in full hospitalizations (118.2 million days, or -1%).

Record attendance at emergency departments

Also in 2018, eleven maternity units closed, the country now has less than half a thousand (492) places of birth.

In a context of declining birth rates for several years, some 500 obstetric beds have been abolished (15,400 in total).

Conversely, attendance at 709 emergency services again broke records, with more than 21.8 million passages, up 2% year on year.

A saturation which led a few months later to an unprecedented strike by caregivers, which quickly spread to the whole of the public hospital, without successive government plans succeeding in stopping this social movement.


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