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Hospital Roubaix: a patient in a coma forgotten 24 hours in the emergency room!

IMPENSABLE – Forgotten in a room of the hospital of Roubaix, a patient of 57 years was found in a coma. His two sons decided to file a complaint. They witness.

This oversight seems unthinkable. Improbable. And revolting. Deposed to the urgency of the hospital of Roubaix by the firemen, Éric 57 years was forgotten during 24 hours. It was in a room supposed to be condemned that he was found in a coma. A work piece located just in front of the emergency room.

His two sons searched him everywhere for 24 hours before their father was finally found. They filed a complaint for non-assistance to person in danger. "I do not know if it's negligence, lack of personnel or other … I do not overwhelm anyone," said one of his two sons to TF1 and LCI. From now on, he wants to understand. "It drives us crazy, we imagine a million things but we have no answer."

The management of the hospital did not wish to comment on the case but confirmed the facts and launched an internal investigation. Eric was transferred, still in a coma, to Lille. His sons visit him every day.



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