Hospital: what is the role of the new patient journey assistants?

Frantic pace, burn-out, retraining… the nursing profession no longer attracts and French hospitals have 60,000 vacancies. Focus on the profession of patient journey assistant, which aims to relieve nurses.

Lucile Degoud

Written on 07/02/2023

An assistant to guide patients and relieve nurses —
The Mag of Health – France 5

What if a hospital had found the solution to slow down the hellish pace of nurses? At the Institut Mutualiste Montsouris, in Paris, a new position has been created to relieve them of administrative tasks and improve their working conditions: this is the job of patient care assistant.

Serenity and supervision of patients

In this urology department, it is Véronique who welcomes and installs the patients. A former nurse’s aide, she is now a patient care assistant, a position created a few months ago at the Institut Mutualiste Montsouris in Paris.

“At the level of hospitalization, reception is very important. This is what allows the patient to be serene”explains Véronique.

“We are surrounded, we arrive when I will be in the block tomorrow morning. We are already arriving very serene and very supervised”comments Gustavo Torres, a patient at the hospital.

Relieve the nurses

In addition to welcoming patients, Véronique manages many administrative tasks. Before, this work was done by nurses, like Angie. Today, she runs less and devotes more time to her patients.

“We are more focused on our patient. It really allows us to take the time, not to stress with all that is administrative, the calls to manage a stretcher, to manage appointments which have been made for hospitalized patients. It’s really a big plus, and it’s a huge relief.”says the nurse.

“We find meaning in our profession”

Less administration, more time for care, fewer interruptions… And also less frustration.“We find meaning in our job. Me, I knew before and I know now with Véronique and it’s a real change”says Manon Frangeul, nurse.

“There is a lack of attraction of nurses for the hospital world” acknowledges on his side Maryse Martin, health manager. “The objective of the establishment and the service in particular, was to put all possible conditions so that the nurses feel better, and that at the end of the day they have the feeling of having worked well”she continues.

The creation of the post of patient journey assistant has a cost, but thanks to this, the Institut Mutualiste Montsouris hopes to attract new nurses or at least avoid the departure of those currently in post.

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