Hospitals in Chocó suspend services to their users due to lack of payments to professionals | Nation

The health situation in the department of the collided after the workers of the San Francisco de Asís hospital, the only second-level hospital in the department, and the Ismael Roldán decided to suspend all services to users for the claim of labor rights that they consider violated.

At the San Francisco de Asís Hospital in Quibdó there are already complaints from more than 600 workers They warn that they owe them five months of salary, both for medical and administrative staff. In addition, there are affectations in the payment to providers, which exacerbates the health security of users.

“Resolving the crisis at the San Francisco de Asís Hospital is urgent for being the main center of attention of reference. and it is the only one that receives the cases of patients who need to be referred to other cities or medical centers or specialized care centers of a higher level of complexity,” said the Ombudsman, Carlos Camargo.

However, the Ministry of Health was present in the department where they have sought solutions to be able to clean up the debts of all health workers with a transfer of more than 8,000 million pesos.

Sources confirmed to BLU Radio that the payment has already started of at least one month of debt to the hospital staff, while it also advances with the payment of those who work under the service provision modality. However, the transfer of resources can take up to a month, while all the necessary paperwork is carried out.

Already officials of the Ombudsman of the Chocó regional advance tours of the different IPS of Quibdó to verify patient care, given that the difficult situation affects the entire health system in that region of the country.

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Since January of this year the employees of the New ESE San Francisco de Asís Hospital, in intervention, they are in labor abnormality, since they are owed the months of August, September, October, November and December 2021 and January and February 2022.

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