Hospitals: new clinics under study to avoid emergencies

New emergency walk-in clinics could emerge in Quebec for patients with minor injuries, which would prevent them from spending long hours in the waiting room of a congested hospital.

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Stitches, simple fracture, open wound: all kinds of injuries and minor problems that require immediate care, without specialized equipment, would be treated in these new emergency clinics.

The service, currently being studied by the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS), would be offered by doctors trained for this type of emergency.

The announcement of the project was made yesterday by Dr. Élyse Berger Pelletier, during the congress of the Association of Emergency Physicians of Quebec.

“Really, it’s a nightmare,” she said of primary care clinic appointments. When all these doors are closed and you have to consult, it’s normal to go to the hospital. ”

Give air

According to our information, work on this new concept had started before the pandemic at the ministry and they were relaunched last summer.

« On [vise] a service offer that does not currently exist, and to give air to the largest emergency rooms, which have heavier patients, ”said Dr. Berger Pelletier, Deputy Director General of Emergencies and Prehospital yesterday at the MSSS.

She stressed that these minor cases could not be treated in normal clinics, since the doctors do not have the expertise.

No date

Patients therefore find themselves in the emergency room of hospitals overwhelmed by heavy cases. For the moment, we do not know the details on the timeline or the location of these clinics.

At the office of Minister of Health Christian Dubé, we refuse to give details since “the project is currently under discussion.

The details have yet to be clarified and presented to the Minister, ”writes the press secretary, Marjaurie Côté-Boileau.